Sunday, July 28, 2013

The end to a really nice day 2/30

Today was an unusual weather day for July.  67 degrees, breezy with dark clouds that would come and go.  When 4 o'clock came around the sky cleared up and the sun came out.  Tom and I went out for a walk and it was a beautiful evening. 
 We had a fire burning outdoors, watching our favorite Tigers on the porch and ate beef vegetable soup and smores when it so cool earlier in the day, it seemed like a very fall day.  It was a nice, slow Sunday and we got a few things done.

This sunset around 9:00 was just a great end to a nice day.  I thought the cloud formation and colors were very enjoyable.  I put the fountain and pond to add a complement to the sky.  Tom's grass is a carpet, he works hard at keeping it nice. 

Thank you God for such a beautiful day - in many ways. 
I hope you had one too.

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