Monday, March 21, 2011


I opened the window for the first time the other day and he caught wind of it.
His nose was just twitching at all those good smells.

The stare down.
This is the way it is with these two.
The one on the floor doesn't want to look at the one on the bed.
He might jump on him.

He looks so sweet, but he is really a barracuda.

This guy was playing so hard with this squeaky mouse.
We caught him in the rest period phase.


Doing some Easter Decorating.
Moved the chair and table into the foyer.
I am pleased with the results.

The colored eggs are painted shells.  The ceramic painted egg was my Mom's.  She was going to sell it in a garage sale and I just couldn't believe it.  I snatched it up.
The big white bunny was a Big Lots buy.  I just love him.

The little bunny bowl was a freebie from the Hallmark store.
The sheep had originally been my Moms.

I love the sugar egg in the back.  It has a frosting scene in it.

Another little egg with a scene in it.

A fun little springtime tree.
My sister gave me the handmade bunny.  He is holding a tiny little terra cotta pot with clay carrots.

My Mom had picked up the beautiful ceramic egg ornament on her travels.
The other egg was made by the same person of the painted eggs.
Cute little chick coming out of the egg.

Here is a Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt.
I think this was made by Tom's Great Grandmother.
It is in fantastic shape.

I just love these birds and nest.

Birds Eye View


Here are pretty blue glass items that look good on the tub.
The blue heart my niece Angie gave me.The dolphin my Mother-in-Law brought back from Florida.
Someone made the candle.

I like it with the tiles.
I made the needlework picture.

Inspiration wall

It was fun to go through things to find new items for "the wall".
The stained glass foam Jesus one of the kids made in school.
The wooden bird house my brother made.
The old marbles Tom's Grandmother had.
The ceramic pansies picture Sam picked up for me in a ceramics shop.
The cardinal and blue jay my niece Angie gave me.
The little crackled pot with the Easter egg, one of the boys teachers gave them. 

This is my prized Scooby-Doo bobble-head that Kevin gave me for Christmas one year.

A friend embroidered the picture, tea stained it and painted and distressed the frame.

When I was young I collected little animals when I went on vacation, or I got them as gifts.  This wall will be the perfect place to show them off.
The worms are funny with their hats and the bear and cat are the size of the pinky fingernail.

The mouse my Mom gave me when I had my tonsils out, the raccoon was picked up on vacation, the glass elephant my Mom gave me and I must have picked up the cat.