Saturday, December 10, 2011

This Morning

Little bit of ice on the pond, little bit of snow and a little bit of pink in the sky.
How serene!

decorating around the house

Every year the Nativity goes in a different place.
I didn't have a nearby nail to hang the angel so I put an angel that my niece Wendy had made. 
She is looking over everyone.
I made this set 31 years ago.  Some pieces are chipped, some heads have been glued back on, but it's still a favorite of mine.  It brings back memories of quiet nights I was home by myself, when Tom was working.

Baby Jesus

Since I have my tall bookcase this year, the Santas fit well on it.

This church I made the next year after the Nativity.  I haven't put it out for a while.  In fact the boys asked where it came from.  I guess they didn't remember it.

The corner cabinet with the snowmen.

A gaggle of snowmen?

This whimsy Santa Tom gave me one year.

A Heartwood Creek Santa by Jim Shore

An old friend made this for me one year. 
Wonderful Crosstitching!

My Mom poured these out of plaster of paris.
Painted and stained these Santas.
She made one for all her kids.
She was a very crafty lady.
Tom has a little tree with shiny ornaments in his box window.
It adds to the decor of the front of the house.


When we were in Detroit over Thanksgiving we stopped at the Solanus Casey Center.  I try to find interesting crosses and thought this one was very nice. 

This one I found at a florist.  It has replicas of the roman nails that were used to crucify Christ.

Tree Pretties

Here is a better picture of Mr. Wise Owl.  I like him so well he is going to stay out all year round.  We can always use more  wisdom in the house.

This is handpainted.

Another handpainted ornament.

I have red ones just like this too.  Picked them up at the dollar store.

Here is new Mr. Cardinal.  Isn't he handsome.

Here is Gloria on top of our tree.  I picked her up in 1981 on a shopping trip to Chicago at Carson-Pierie-Scott.  Hopefully she will be handed down as a family heirloom.
Like this little fella.  He was bought in 1951 by my Mom and Dad.  His name is Wee Willie Wand.

Friday, December 9, 2011


I was on the lookout for a nice red wreath for my black door.

It is quite stunning.

Mr. Snowman greets at the front door.
Little kids loved to see him sticking up out of the cart on the way to checkout.

I just love houses.
I found this little block at Pewabic Pottery.

Geninne offered some original watercolors for sale.  I bought the Cardinales and got them framed to hang in my bedroom.  I love them!