Tuesday, April 9, 2013

weigh in tuesday/Book Review-Night Road by Kristin Hannah

I lost another pound making a total of 21.  It feels great to put on clothes and have them too big and baggy.  It took two weeks for this pound hopefully it will keep up now.  Why is it that I seem to hit a plateau at each 10 pounds.  Is it my mind or my body?  I am hungry when I go to bed.  I each a small amount of refined sugar.  It's a mystery. I am still promising a picture.  Tom has reached his goal of 30 pounds and looks and feels very well.

NOW on to the book Review

This book was really, really good, but I was worn out from reading it.  Have a box of tissues beside you, especially if you have had teenagers. 

The main girl in the book had a drug addict mother, and the girl was sent to many different foster homes until the agency finally found a great aunt by the time the girl was a freshman in high school. 
She of course always felt like she didn't belong and had a hard time making friends. 
Her first day of school she boldly went up to a girl who was eating by herself and asked if she could sit down.  That started a long friendship between two kindred spirits.  The girl had a twin brother who was very popular. 

Eventually the main character and the twin brother fell in love in their senior year.  They were all figuring out where they were going to go to college.  The twins were going to a four year and the main character who had to work hard for the two year college because she did not have the means to go to a four year. 

There were many senior year parties with drinking and there was a terrible accident where someone died and someone went to prison and a baby was born. 

The story is about how a broken family comes to terms and learns to love each other again. 

I am definitely going to read more books written by this author.

Monday, April 8, 2013


Kevin is learning the art of blacksmithing.  He made this wonderfully sturdy hook for me. 
I have a big glass heart I am going to hang on it in my studio window. 

I just received this in the mail today.  I found it on Etsy from an artist Rhonda Marineau.
Her shop is www.etsy.com/shop/polymerplayin.

It came in the lovely little bag and she is located in Canada. 

Such great treasures I've got.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Last weekend Theresa and I took our annual shopping trip to Indianapolis to hit the stores that we don't have in northern Indiana. 
This is our third year now and we had great fun. 

Our purchases in the back seat.

And in the trunk.
I missed a couple of signs like Sur La Table and another Quilt Shop in Carmel.
At Sur La Table I picked up two cast iron skillets and used them today on the grill.
The cornbread was done and the chicken was just getting started. I also purchased one of the gloves that can withstand 500 degrees.  It came in really handy today and everything was pretty tasty. 

Thanks for checking in!