Saturday, July 27, 2013

30 days/30 posts

This week I received the new Artful Blogging, which I look forward to with great anticipation.  I enjoy finding new blogs with art and pictures.

Christina Rosalie was one blog featured that not only was very interesting but also put forth a challenge of writing one paragraph a day for thirty days.  So I have picked up her badge and decided to take her challenge starting today.


When I started my blog I had decided to put many pictures and not much writing.  I felt that visitors did not have much time to spend just reading, and the pictures could convey what I wanted to get across on that post.  I don't feel comfortable with deep subjects, or complaints and I really go for more of the entertainment aspect of blogging.  I want lots of fun, inspiring pictures and ideas to look at.  A lot of show and a little tell. 

One of my most enjoyable parts of blogging is seeing where visitors hale from.  I use my little Sitemeter first and LOVE when I have returning visitors and new ones!  It's exciting to me, to think that someone would stop and think my site is interesting enough to spend a few precious minutes on.

One thing that I am disappointed about is that I don't get many comments.  I have almost 600 posts and have only 140 comments over 3 years.  I think, do I need to add a little more substance and feelings rather than just telling about the pictures.  What can I do to get people to talk to me, because I really welcome it.  I really would like to see your thoughts.  I know I have returning visitors and I would really like to know about you. 

So I take Christina's challenge, one of my classes this fall will be creative writing and I feel this may be a good beginning for this class.

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Theresa’s House

Here is an update for the house I am painting.  I wish for  some comments on it to let me know your thoughts. It’s always better for me after I have walked away from it for a day, and it’s always nice to see what others think of your work. 
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Line, Shape, Value, Texture, Color

The elements of art.  I took my camera on my walk tonight and tried to capture color and texture but you can find all the elements without even trying.

My daylilies-color, texture and line

nasturtiums and begonias-shape, texture, color

ornamental grass-line, texture

blue sky-shape, color, line, texture

pine tree-line, texture, color, shape

tree bark-line, texture, value

landscape rock-shape, value, texture


tree-color, value, texture, line

succulents, blackeyed susans and daylilies-line, color, texture

roses-color, texture, shape

a shed-shape, texture, line

coneflowers-color, shape, line, texture

stone porch-value, texture, shape, line

cut up stump with flower pots-shape, texture, line color

hibiscus-color, shape, line

coreopsis-line, shape, color

rose bush-color, line, shape

dead pine tree-texture, line

petunias-color, shape

railroad tracks-line, texture, color

old tree bark-shape, texture, line

shag bark-texture, line, value

gifts from the neighbors garden-shape, value, color, line

Thanks for looking at my pictures.

Landmark Inn

When we were in Cooperstown, New York, we stayed at this lovely bed and breakfast, Landmark Inn.  It was located within a few easy blocks from main street, where there are many shops and restaurants and the Baseball Hall of Fame along with Doubleday Field.  I had looked at many online and felt this one had the personality I was looking for.  I was not disappointed.

I love front porches and this one is great.  Pretty and Inviting

Prior to our visit this area had received an abundance of rain.  Everything was green and lush.

The flowers and greenery of course  accompanied the color of the house and was very enjoyable.

We had room number 6, a soothing yellow and blue with pretty hardwood floors, a quilt with a mariners compass design appliqued on and our own bathroom.  It had a queen bed and a single.  It offered an abundance of nice towels and toiletries. 

A nice easy chair, personal refrigerator along with pretty antique furniture. 

This is Robin, the innkeeper, she along with her husband had owned the inn since February.  She was clearing out the dining room and I capture a picture.  A wedding party was the other group that had been in the rest of the inn and they had just finished breakfast.

Here is the richly colored gathering area.

The carved sculpture keeps an eye on the guests.

The stairwell going up to the second floor.

This area was set up for us to eat breakfast privately.  It is located right behind the gathering area, we appreciated having that done for us.  Our breakfast consisted of some of the best blueberry pancakes I had ever tasted, bacon, fruit cup, coffee and juice. 

I loved the colors of the outside wicker furniture and pads, it just looked so pretty with the color of the house and the lush greenery.

Quite a few residents had these wrought iron decorative boxes and I admired them.  The orange daylilys and red flowers in the box are a nice combination along the garage. 

There was a deep front yard, pretty sign and green, green grass. 
This was a great choice for our first time in a bed and breakfast.  If you go to Cooperstown, I recommend it. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Allie

Made a birthday card for my niece the other day. 
Patterned paper, watercolor, ink pads. 

Quilters Hall of Fame

In Marion Indiana, 45 minutes south of Fort Wayne, there is a restored home that has been made into the Quilters Hall of Fame.  Bricks were offered for sale and my sister Linda and I purchased one for our Mothers name when she passed away in 1997. Every year they have a celebration in July and induct a new quilter into the hall of fame.  It is a 3 day affair with quilts showing, classes and talks.  I don't ever get to it but I do try to see the quilts.  My friend and I went down this last friday.  They show quilts in the library, Marie Webster Home (QHOF) and a school with a merchants mall.     

I liked the design and colors of this quilt.

I especially like the stars in the middle and the little flying geese bordering the stars.

Here is my lovely friend Toni on the porch of the QHOF.

Myself in front of the sign.

The beautiful restored home of Marie Webster.  She started quilting when she was 50 and then started her own quilting design company and her patterns were published in womens magazines. 

On the National Historic Landmark register.

A quilt made during the civil war that was in fabulous shape.

This also was an old quilt that I enjoyed the colors of.

I am drawn to vibrant colored quilts.

This is not one I would make, but wouldn't it be nice for a girls room?

I liked the quilting and the colors in this wallhanging.

These are old four patch appliqued quilts made in the 1800's.  They were all as pretty as the next. There were 13 displayed.

This is a windblown tulip pattern that is so nicely done.  Mountain Mist used to give away patterns with their batting.

Another windblown tulip pattern, just a little differently done.  So pretty!  I hope you enjoyed.