Thursday, August 1, 2013

Westport, MA Post 6 of 30

The pictures in this post were taken on our vacation while we were driving around Westport.  The photography is not that good as I was taking them from the moving vehicle.  I didn't want to keep asking the driver to stop then the irritated look would come out, though he did slow the car down for me often.  I did my best to record this pretty place. A Cape Cod with the weathered clapboard siding.  We were just a few miles from the ocean.

These people really took pride in their yards and homes.

Indiana does not have the stone fences like the residents of Massachusetts. I couldn't get enough pictures of the different kinds.

Daylilies growing along the road against the white fence.

Another stone fence

Another New England home, so neat and tidy with the American Flag and group of daylilies.

A little fuzzy but a different kind of stone fence.

I just thought this was cute as could be. 

The hydrangeas were abundant and beautiful and the colors were awesome. 
Even though it was just a month ago it seems much longer.
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