Saturday, June 1, 2013


I have become infatuated with herbs and want to learn more about them.  The last two summers I started them by seed.  I have this great three tiered pot stand and cute Terra cotta pots, that I have to replace every so often because of a wind storm or something.  Anyways, the first year I had the stand on the covered porch, but realized that I had it too close to the French doors and the reflection of the sun burned up my plants. 
Last year I moved it to the other side of the house and the summer was so hot, it burned them up again. 

This year I am trying a different spot, and bought potted plants.  I do hope that I have found the answer.

The herbs I have this year are:
Top Row
1.  oregano
2. sweet basil
3. cilantro
4. sweet marjoram

Second Row
1. spicy globe basil
2. sweet mint
3. flat Italian parsley
4. purple basil

Bottom Row
1. Onion Chives
The others are empty at this point

They all smell so good.  I love to rub my hands over them to release the smell. 
What a great pleasure this is. 

I am going to thin these eventually but what a good crop of mornings glories I am going to have!

The Lupines I started from seed last year with a wandering sunflower.

This is a newly bought plant, salvia.  The spot I put it, I needed something tall that stood out. 

My grown from seed Hollyhock.  Wonder what color she will be. 

Another newly purchased plant, poppy.

The place I have the herbs are at the back of the house, outside the bathroom door so I can get water.  It gets the afternoon sun but is also sheltered a bit.  That Lily, she loves to be with us when we are outside. 

Mint-I wish you could scratch and sniff.

Here are some Herb books I have picked up in the last three years. 
I saw a lot of Jack in the Pulpits during my field study class.  I did not realize they were also thought of as herbs.

This book I found from searching on the Internet and then bought it from an individual seller of used books.  What I really love about it, it has the authors signature on it.  The author was from Indiana and she has since passed away sadly.  She had an herb farm in West Lebanon Indiana. 

This one was new last year that Better Homes and Gardens came out with.  Lots of good pictures and information.  I don't think you can ever go wrong with Better Homes and Gardens publications.

This one I found just a couple of weeks ago.  It's the premier issue, again lots of good pictures and information. 

All are very enjoyable.
Thanks for stopping by, maybe you will want to learn more about herbs also?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Little Quilt

I finished a little quilt for my sister Linda.  My mother had made the log cabin blocks and they were the start of a quilt for my sister and she only had gotten six done.  I didn't have the time to make a full size quilt so I thought that I would incorporate them into a small quilt.  I found the pattern for the baby Jesus and fat sheep and embroidered it on.  It measures 17 X 14 1/2.
Cute fabric for the back. 
I hand quilted which I love to do. 

I believe in documenting for the years to come and here is the little tag that tells it all. 

Linda-You will be getting this soon!

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Nest -Mixed Media

95% complete.  I really enjoyed the brick stencil with the heavy gel, it was fun.  As a parent with children that are getting older and would like to move out, I hope they don't have too bumpy of a ride to independence.  Did I guild them enough, teach them enough.