Thursday, April 26, 2012

In the artistry of Andy Warhol

The final project in 3-D art was to build and design a go kart in the imagery of an artist that we picked out of a hat.  The artist we chose was Andy Warhol and he painted simple things and movie stars. His art became known as Pop Art because he chose popular items as subjects.  We decided to try to design a banana on our go kart because he made images of banana and we thought it would fit the shape of the cart and become aerodynamic because there will be races with it. This is after we paper mache'd and put tape on the sharp edges.
There are 5 of us on the team and we are now known as Team Warhol.

The sunburst wall paint is waiting to be used to paint over the whole project.

Here it is completely covered and drying, waiting for the design to be put on.

Andy Warhol used bright colors in his paintings and that's what Team Warhol did also.
A Quote from Andy Warhol-Once you've seen Pop you will never look at America the same way again.  Paige of Team Warhol is painting on finishing touches of design and she put the name on the back of our "racer".

It turned out very bright and fun. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Clay Birds

In 3-D class a project we had to do was morph an object into another object.
My idea was to take an egg and turn it into a bird.
It had to have 5 or 6 steps.

We had to make a prototype with modeling clay first to see if our ideas were realistic to work with.

I had not used clay for years and it was quite fun.
Last Wednesday we took our clay morphs down to the firing room and when I get them back I will show them to you.

Our next and last project is a go cart with the artistic design of Andy Warhol.