Saturday, July 27, 2013

30 days/30 posts

This week I received the new Artful Blogging, which I look forward to with great anticipation.  I enjoy finding new blogs with art and pictures.

Christina Rosalie was one blog featured that not only was very interesting but also put forth a challenge of writing one paragraph a day for thirty days.  So I have picked up her badge and decided to take her challenge starting today.


When I started my blog I had decided to put many pictures and not much writing.  I felt that visitors did not have much time to spend just reading, and the pictures could convey what I wanted to get across on that post.  I don't feel comfortable with deep subjects, or complaints and I really go for more of the entertainment aspect of blogging.  I want lots of fun, inspiring pictures and ideas to look at.  A lot of show and a little tell. 

One of my most enjoyable parts of blogging is seeing where visitors hale from.  I use my little Sitemeter first and LOVE when I have returning visitors and new ones!  It's exciting to me, to think that someone would stop and think my site is interesting enough to spend a few precious minutes on.

One thing that I am disappointed about is that I don't get many comments.  I have almost 600 posts and have only 140 comments over 3 years.  I think, do I need to add a little more substance and feelings rather than just telling about the pictures.  What can I do to get people to talk to me, because I really welcome it.  I really would like to see your thoughts.  I know I have returning visitors and I would really like to know about you. 

So I take Christina's challenge, one of my classes this fall will be creative writing and I feel this may be a good beginning for this class.

Thanks for reading!


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