Tuesday, June 26, 2012

fun and useful

 My friend Suzy and I had a fun day out on Friday.  We went to a quilt show in Topeka, Indiana and then went into Shipshewana to shop and see more quilts.  This is in the heart of Amish Country and we went to an all purpose store called Yoders.  It seems as if it had anything that was needed in the way of home goods.  Suzy pointed out this ice cream scoop that has antifreeze in the handle.  The ice cream does not stick on the spoon.  It cannot be put into the dishwasher though.  It works great! The ice cream slid right off into the bowl.

This is a butter keeper.  It holds one stick of butter. 

The butter goes into the lid part and a little bit of water goes into the bottom.  It serves as a seal to the butter, and now the butter is left out to be soft when it is time to use it.  No more holes in my toast. 

This I picked up on my Home Goods trip with my friend Theresa to Indianapolis.  It is just a pretty decorative piece. 

I was really excited to see my caladium leaves bloom.  One of them is supposed to eventually have red on it.  I will keep you updated.

I get amazed at that sweet potato vine.  It is just growing like crazy.  The other side is longer and I am going to have to give it a trim.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Book Review-50 Shades of Grey Trilogy

Warning:  If you are appalled by strong language, erotic, kinky, submissive and domineering sexual scenes...these books would not be for you. 

Christen Grey and Anastasia Steele are the two main characters in these adult romance novels.  Christen is 27 and has become a very wealthy entrepreneur.  Anastasia is an undergraduate college student getting ready to graduate.  She does a favor for her "under the weather" roommate to interview Christian for the school newspaper.  Both become attracted to each other and he begins to pursue Anastasia but he wants her for his "submissive" rather than a romantic relationship.  Personally once I got past the first book and the shocking, sexual activities that happen I was able to get into the deeper part of the books.  Many questions come about as to why Christian is interested in the "Dom" role.  It's great to read about the rich and the advantages that they have, houses and jets and boats.  After all books are to take you to other lands and places that you don't go.  He won Anastasia's heart over but made her question herself many times but she sticks with him because even though he is handsome beyond belief and rich and funny...he comes with a lot of baggage.  She works through this with him though and as the books go on there are many action parts and surprises.  I have read other reviews and one of the biggest complaints is the repetitious use of writing the same action, lip biting, words over and over again.  I also really got tired of Anastasia questioning, worrying and analyzing Christians every move. 

I could not put these books down.  I had to get my fix each day of the lifestyles of the rich and famous and I am a sucker for romance.  I was happy with the ending and it left me with a finished feeling, I did not crave any more.  This was good because it took up a lot of my life reading to see what was going to happen next. 

A friend of mine just came back from the beach in Florida and walking down along the water, these books were the most popular for the big summer reading.
Just remember my warning.