Tuesday, July 19, 2011

to cool off

Tom's new sprinkler.
It covers a lot of ground.

Here are some pictures that make me think cool.
Why you are looking at them, play this sound of rain.
I knew it would be this way.
After we had all the rain in the spring.
Why....I don't know.
But we will get through this.
It will get better.

Who doesn't love a snow cone to let melt in your mouth.

Aaaaah, the look of green, wet grass.

Frozen Cokes, so cold and refreshing.

Niagara Falls, amazing amount of water.
If you go on the Maid of the Mist,
when you get close to the falls,
the mist and the power of the falls cools you off.

I love these water fountains to walk in.
You never know when they are going to start squirting.
The kids have such fun with them.

flash mobs

I think these are just the neatest thing.  I hope I get to see one in person some time.
People are just happy and dancing in the streets.  How great is that.

Here are a few I have found.


This is one of the new chairs and ottomens.
This chair is so comfortable, immediately.

This is one of a pair of matching ottomens.
We got these as extra sitting room that is mobile and doesn't take up much space.

My collection of colored glass for the mantle.
I got this idea from an insert that was sent from Better Homes and Gardens trying to sell the magazine.
That little insert had lots of good ideas.
You can see it below.


When at the library a few weeks ago I found this fabulous book.
I enjoy it very much.
So much, I had to have one of my own.
So I ordered it off Amazon used books.
I always try to use the BetterWorld Books because this person is in Indiana and I get the books in jig time.

Here is a sampling of the pictures.
Lots of ideas.
I just think these two rooms are so pretty with the checks, and stripes. Of course you know I love the book shelves. 

The one chair is covered in chenille.
So pretty.

Sometimes I like to just pick up no brainer romance stories.
I am a sucker for a good romance.
This one took me probably 7 days to read.
It wasn't a "I just have to finish this" book.
It is set in 1925 in Missouri.
It is during prohibition and is a fight between the bootleggers, the police and the crime people of Chicago.

In leu of the Casy Anthony case I decided to find a book on the JonBonet murder case since no closure had ever come about.
This book was written by a detective on the case. 
I have come to my own conclusion about the murder and I wonder if you would come to that same conclusion.
Money talks, the police have to control the crime scene and we will never truly find out who snuffed out that beautiful life.

Guest Cottage

As we are getting our new bedroom furniture piece by piece we are slowly moving the current furniture down for the guest room.
I ordered this sign from the Pottery Barn because when you are in the room it is like you are all by yourself.
It is nice and quiet with an attached bathroom.
We will eventually put it on the wall.

Here is the bed put together with a new skirt and shams, quilt and duvet.

When in Minnesota we stopped at Two Harbors and they were having a Heritage Festival.
I was looking for handmade rag rugs and hit the jackpot.

This red and green one goes well beside the bed.

This blue and black one is downstairs in the basement.

On Tom's side of the bed is green, black and red.

My side has one with many shades of green.

The disabled make these rugs along with many other things.
People donate clothes and they make them into rugs.
I had a hard time deciding which ones to buy.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Little Robin

One morning I heard that little Robin chirping and found that he had made his way up on the wagon.

These trees are outside of Eau Claire Wisconsin.  I thought they were very unusual as they look like they were all trimmed like that.

This is not a sign that can be found in Indiana.

I don't think he wants us to travel anymore.  He has taken up residence in my suitcase.