Monday, January 27, 2014

Diana Sudyka

Today I received a print that I ordered from a nature artist who lives in Chicago. 
This is the postcard that she enclosed with my order.
Her name is Diana Sudyka and here is her Shop. 

First print that I bought was called The Backpack.  I loved all the detail with the animals finding the backpack and unloading it onto different branches of the tree.  I don't know why but I am drawn to pine trees and the focal point of this painting is just that.

Here is the one that I received today.  The writing at the bottom tells about each nature piece that she had illustrated,  It is patterned after illustrations of children's books. The name of this piece is The Wonders of Nature.  The jack in the pulpit was my drawing point with this picture.  When I took the Indiana Nature class last may we found many Jack in the pulpits while exploring the different areas. Lichen was also on our lists to find.  You can view my pictures here:

Her pretty business card. 

Thanks for stopping by so that I could share.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

some new a little old

I am really taken with this little doll.  She is all ceramic and is a little red riding hood.  She belonged to my Mother in Law but I wished I knew more about her.  She has a very serious face.

A charming laundry room sign.  I especially liked the big old clothes pin, my Mom used these when we were growing up. 

Found these sparkly red hearts at Michael's Crafts this weekend, enjoying this little tree but I have to change the lights, they quit working. I'll get around to it sometime.

My niece Angie gave me this beautiful glass heart for my birthday.  It is displayed in my foyer.

Paula Best was having a special on her greeting cards so I picked up 15 of them. Her art is funky and enjoyable.

Made this card for our neighbors.  Their boxer Daisy passed away last week and we all loved her.  She will be missed.

Sent them over some cupcakes with hearts to tell them how sorry we are. It's hard when our furry family members go away.

Wilton Sprinkle hearts.  I liked the size, they weren't the tiny ones, easy to handle. 

I hope that you stay's going to get really cold next week.
Till next time.....