Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Book

All of Susan Branches books are so charming with just lots of nice entertaining ideas.
I love her watercolor pictures that she paints.
I can just look at it over and over again. 

Pick one up at the library.
It is very much worthwhile

Here are great pictures that depict things from summer.

This was taken a couple of nights ago. 
We hardly got any drops of rain, but it did look menacing all around us.
I love the contrast between the sunshine and dark clouds.

Last night I went to bed at 10:15 and could still see lightness in the sky. 
It made me sad to think that the longest day of the year has come and gone.
It took so long to get here this year.

This is my new console that I bought from the Pottery Barn.
I wanted something for the foyer that I could put my quilts in for display.
It works out very well and just fits the wall perfectly. 

I am slowly getting my books upstairs to put in this hutch.
I love it that I can display every ones pictures.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Angel Flower

The other day we were at WalMart looking for some outdoor items.
I walked through the gardening section and this flower just stopped me' Whoa" because I thought the pink was so pretty!
I just had to have this exotic angel plant. 
I had not seen anything like it before.

I go to the checkout where Tom is waiting and he looks at it and says "WHAT IS THAT"?
I said "it's an exotic angel plant", isn't it pretty?
He said, is that exotic or erotic?
"Very Funny"...

Now, not even noticing the appendages that are on this plant because I was so taken with the color.
The person checking us out was also a male and said "I am not allowed to make comments"!
I now just smile when I look at it-it is still very unusual.

Happy Fathers Day

He had such a nice fathers day, he just didn't want it to end.
We bought him breakfast.
He got to sit out on the covered porch and watch the Tigers Win.
Sam came home to be with him.

He got a triple layer made from scratch coconut cake.

It was mighty tasty.

He loves veggie pizza.

And a cute card made by me.
Happy Fathers Day to a Great Father!

Small Town America

We went to a parade on Saturday.
It was a really nice small town parade.

I would bet these two are brothers.  Pretty cute guys.  The sirens are just a bit loud though.

It's never a good parade unless the police are there.

Veterans marching in formation.

The queen in her sports car.

The funny car that makes a statement.

The All American Float

A Soldier

An interesting orange fire truck.

I liked the spectators in their red, white and blue chairs.

The red tractor with the American Flags.

Baton twirlers and cheerleaders.

Motorcycle guys

Casy the Cash Cow


The funny clown

A Duck

A Pig

Flag Girls

And the Marching Band
I love Marching Bands!
I was in one in high school.
My feet start tapping to the beat every time.
We had such fun.

A silly person bird

Of course you have your go karts.

And the Pretty Float.
It was a very nice parade.

In Heaven

You can't get more comfortable than this.