Friday, March 9, 2012

A great find

I found this book at the grocery store in the bargain bin at 50% off.
Who knows how they get there but it is definitely worth more.  Possibly because the cover was torn.
There are so many good ideas in this book "Bringing the Garden Indoors" by P. Allen Smith.
Some of the things that I liked:
1.  Buy forsythia bushes at the garden center that are in bloom and put them in a tall container inside the house and bring a burst of spring inside.  Then plant them when you are ready.
2.  Take tiny white lights and dispurse them in your landscaping and cover the cords with mulch for a little twinkling at night.

Here is a picture from the book.  These are found items from walks and the beach.  Putting them in pretty containers and displaying them on the mantle for a lot of nice texture and variety. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

getting ready

The other weekend we were at the store and I had decided what I needed to grow this year.
So I got my starting mixture.

I have picked out my wonderful packages of seeds.

My herbs, peat pots, caladium tubers.
This weekend I am going to pot them up and put them in the sun room to grow.
It's gonna be fabulous!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


In my 3-D design class for the last 3 weeks the assignment has been to take an object and make it out of cardboard.  I asked some fellow students if I could show some of their designs .
I was skeptical about the project but was amazed at what people came up with.

Here is a Bull Head

This is a window with beautiful flowers cascading out of it.

A Humongous Alarm Clock

A Moose Head

A spray bottle

This is mine-A flower pot with flowers. Birds eye view

Front View
It was fun.
Last thing I have to do is spray it with a clear coat.