Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Finished Pool

The cover is installed and the orange fence is down.  Friday we will learn all the ins and outs of taking care of the pool.  We chose not to heat it, it doesn't have any chemicals in it yet.  We have to get the landscaper out and price fencing.  The cover is very safe and can be walked on, it feels somewhat like a waterbed. 

The spa tub is heating up nicely.  I am very happy with the color and we look forward to enjoying the water this winter.  It should make Tom's back feel good.

Some ominous looking clouds making their way over, but nothing came out of them.  
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pool Update

Right now the pool is being filled with water.  This water stays all year round.  It gets cleaned through the filter and of course chemicals are added to it to make it nice.  Tomorrow (monday the 14th) they are coming to remove the forms around the cement and install the retractable cover. The pool needed to be filled before the cover was installed.  Once the cover is on the lovely orange fence will be removed.  Our county doesn't require a fence if you have a retractable cover but I will feel more comfortable getting a fence.  We haven't spoken with any fence installers yet.  We want to get the landscaper to put in the retaining wall in the upper left corner, there is just wood boards there right now.  The landscaper will also smooth out the dirt for us so we can start growing grass again.  

Here is the view from our dining area/kitchen. Just right outside the door.

Easily accessible from the covered porch.  It's all compact and usable.  The pad to the right is where the Spa Tub will be and it also is coming tomorrow. On Friday of this week the man who will tell us how to use all of this will be coming to the house.  I will have my pencil sharpened and spiral notebook out......Thanks for checking in!


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kitty Update

She is such a good little girl.  She eats up everything with no problem.  She doesn't know that her bottom lip isn't exactly right.  Her chest is damp after she eats, but I am sure she will compensate eventually.  She is growing, probably weighs all of 13.2 ounces now.

Yesterday we took her outside and she had a blast running full tilt back and forth between the plants, up on the porch.  Chasing leaves, walking on everything she could.  She walked across my Ipad and sniffed it.

She had to see what this basket was all about.

Here she is stalking my wiggling toes.

Look at those bright eyes.  The antibiotic has cleared them all up.  Scroll down to the 1st pictures and you can see how well she is doing (this is day 5).  The three neighbor kids came over to see her and she loved playing with them also.  They petted her and held her and she was lapping that up.  They are ages, 4, 7 and 8.  I will get them to play with her often so that she can be used to a family with children. 

I love this picture...she was walking into the garage and one of our cats Lily was sitting there watching her.  Girl kitty noticed her and immediately went up on her toes (they are all spread out) and her fur stood straight out and she was hissing.  Think of the song by Tom Petty- I won't back down.  This last bit of information-she used the cat box all by herself.  No prompting one bit.  She is so smart!  She needs a good family and she will be in good health when she is ready to move.  Please help me find a good home for this little kitty with a HUGE personality.  She will make a great addition and bring lots of love and enjoyment.  She starts to purr immediately when she gets picked up, she just loves people and attention.