Thursday, May 24, 2012

garden areas

Saint Francis watching over the garden area off the sunroom.

I have seedlings planted in the little pots.  Johnny Jump ups, savory, basil, catnip, chives, oregano.
The dead looking thing is my Easter Lily.  It will come up really nice next year in August.

My stained glass garden ornament.  It says "may the sun always shine on the road you walk"

This is just outside the front door.

I planted more seedlings behind the garage.  They are sunflowers, lupins, hollyhocks, poppys and zinnia's.

Monday, May 21, 2012


While looking around recently I realized I have a thing for pitchers.
I thought I would share what I had because I have gathered quite a few.
The big one we got as a wedding gift nearly 32 years ago.  Can you visualize a cool pitcher of fresh squeezed lemonade in it?
The smaller one is an exact replica and it was my Mom's, how about a pitcher of frozen margaritas?  Mmmmmm Mmmmmm

This one was my Mother in Law's.  I was really drawn to the two colors and I liked the large handle.

I recently got this at Pewabic Pottery in Detroit.
I was drawn to the brown color and the large dots on the outside.

Along with the small dots on the inside.

This gravy bowl I picked up at Target.  I like the smooth white and the length of it.

These go way back when there were dime stores.  I celebrated my birthday with a former neighbor that I was born on her birthday.  We exchanged gifts and when I was possibly 8 my Mom bought these at the dime store and I always, always loved them and remembered them.  When my friend became elderly she broke up her home and returned these back to me.  I was thrilled, they are in perfect condition and are at least 45 years old. 

This warms my heart as my Dad bought this for me.  It has a matching sugar bowl also.

This is a batter jug of depression glass.  My Mom and I would go antiquing for depression glass and I came across this great find.  I had not seen this before. 

My trusty batter bowl that I mix many recipes in. 

This is picked up in Williamsburg Virginia.  My Mom and I went on a little vacation to Williamsburg, this was a good memory. 

I hope you enjoyed my pitchers.  I enjoyed the walk down memory lane.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

front porch items

The tall planters that I ordered came this week.  I put in sweet potato vine and an interesting color of coleus.  I also have planted caladium bulbs and different color coleus.  I have to wait for them to grow.

For right now I have them on either side of my front door. 

I was keeping an eye out for outdoor cushions and found some at Pier One Imports.  Thats such a fun place to shop. 

The red is just the right color for the brick.

I still love my refreshing fountain.  The blanket flowers are blooming so nicely. 
Boy, weekends go fast don't they?