Thursday, October 23, 2014

catching up

I comment on this every semester, that the classes keep me busy and I sadly can't blog so much.  I got the urge this morning to bring my readers up to speed on the fun things I have seen this month of October. 
We took a 3 day trip to Indianapolis, my son took a knife smithing class at Connor Prairie.  Tom and I did some exploring and visited the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the Lilly House which is in the Old Country Estates style.  Unfortunately it was raining buckets when we were there and I couldn't get pictures of the outside but as I was walking up I did get some of the beautiful garden.  I also did not have the right lens on for the inside of the house.  Another time we will go again and I will get pictures.  It was free and well worth the trip.

I loved the museum of art, especially the two authentic VanGohs, that I could look very closely at the Post Impressionism style along with many other well known artists.

At least 4 feet tall

Witnessed a fabulous rainbow while down there.

This is a great picture of my husband Tom on his birthday.  He is so tan from the pool.  October 13th they closed the pool down and it was a sad day.  8 months till we can stick our big toes in. 

I have been working on Kevin's quilt, here and there.  Seven rows put together.

The monkey quilt needs the binding and the tag.

Test tiles from clay to see how the colors work.

I may do these all in red, they have to have uniformity, with black.

Glazed my house tile.  The red on those flowers will be my red of choice for the other pieces, if they turn out the way I like.

I wanted to show off my little blue eggs in the nest.

Pretty trees that are changing.

Love the yellow one with the pine tree in front of it. 

A cooler morning with stormy clouds.

I found this artist in one of the two art shops I visited in Zionsville, Indiana.  I like acorns and this tea pot is great.  In my ceramics class we have to put together a power point presentation of a ceramics artist.  She is Carole Bell of Blue Moon Pottery.

Tom and I had our pictures taken for the church book and the photographer took one like this.  We didn't want to spend the amount of money for just one, so I had him pose like it at home before he changed his clothes.  For some reason this pose brings out a nice smile.  Many times his smiles are not as loose and easy as this one. 

I finished a Stephen King ebook, 11/22/63: A Novel.  It was very good and I will eventually do a posting on it.

Sam and I watched a movie last night: Extremely loud, Incredibly close and I will eventually do a posting on that also. 

My Into to the Bible class is very enjoyable and interesting to say the least.  We are now into the New Testament.

Making a new pot in ceramics and it will be pit fired so it will look old.

I haven't gotten to my Radiant Faces 1st assignment yet.  Maybe this weekend but I have to clean the house.  We have some settled dust that needs to be removed.

Lastly, I started a new blog to build up.  It is  I will do an overview post on that in the future, when I have it to the point where I am happy with the layout and information.  Check it out if you like.

That's it in a nutshell. 

Thanks for checking in!