Wednesday, February 4, 2015


When I was in Noblesville in October this lovely suncatcher had to come home with me.  My studio gets a huge amount of sun from noon till around 3 p.m. on sunny days. I loved the curvy lines and the two colors for the sun.

Angie my niece gave this as a birthday gift.  We both have a love of cardinals and I also enjoy the cow bell.  This will be fun when the windows get opened in a few months.  The red glass is so pretty!  Thank you so much Angie dear!

Thanks for stopping!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I found this very simple video on mitering quilt corners.  Mitered corners are such a nice touch.

I build my art projects.  First it is an idea, then I sketch it out and then gather the materials.  Most of the time I don't use a pattern.  What I pictured for this piece is an outdoor scene appliqued onto the base.  I wanted lots of texture with the more primitive, woven fabric in the first border.  I like borders on my quilts, they define area and add interest.  The bottom of the base are layers of earth, the middle area has many neutral fabrics sewn together where I plan to applique a tree and leaves and whatever strikes my fancy along with embroidering words.  The top is the sky and a sun will be added in that area.  I am planning  to have a lot of hand quilting. 

I found a little quilt in these colors on Pinterest.  It was very simple 3 inch blocks.  So I again just went into my fabrics and found some that would work.  I like the pattern of the outside border.  It would add so much interest on someone's wall. I always pick patterned fabric on my quilts.  Plain fabric is ho hum, even if it is colored. 

This is going to be a couple of multimedia pictures. There will be poppies painted on them with some dimensional elements added.  They are on 10 X 10, artist wrapped canvas with the sides painted ready to be hung on the wall.  More patterns with the paper. 

My Mom's sewing machine.  She bought it maybe a year before she passed away.  I have had to learn to use it because my inexpensive little J.C. Penney machine became problematic.  My Mom passed away in 1997 but I couldn't make myself open it up.  She sewed all the time and was very tickled with this machine.  It made me sad thinking about using it.  I have since gotten over this and am enjoying her machine slowly figuring out what is what.  

I dropped my Nikon camera a few weeks ago and the lens jammed.  I made do with my phone but I love my DSLR camera.  The new lens came yesterday and I am glad to have the camera working again. 

Fingers crossed that everything keeps working now.

Till next time....

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy February!

Here is the February Picture on my Charley Harper calendar.  Sweet Owl Faces in a heart.
February brings lots of good things.

Kevin's 21st birthday is in February.  I had taken him to a hunting class in October and this bug decided to land on his shoulder.  I snapped a shot before we shoo'd it away. 

February brings Valentines Day.  Sharing my Valentine Tree with its red lights. 

I love hearts.

I love red.

A leather heart and a glass heart.

My newest heart from my sister.  I also love freedom....
and chocolate. 
I love making valentines and receiving valentines. 
I would love a valentine from you....

February brings snow!  We are waiting for a large snowstorm today.  The predictors are telling us 10 to 15 inches.  We will know when it is done.  One of my two new snowmen that I received this season.  He has a shiny hat, and looks like a birch tree with two little red birds sitting on his arms.  Sweet, sweet face!

The second wonderful snowman I received from my sister-in-law.
He also has a shiny hat and his carrot nose is crooked.  I love him.   
She had to find out for herself that is was snowy out.  I didn't take her long to realize it really wasn't where she wanted to be. 
Looking a little perturbed down there on the cold cement. 
It quickly became an emergency to get inside. 
  I love the anticipation of a good snow...bring it on! 

Brought out my bright and shiny heart for the front door. 

19 more days until Spring Training begins.  Making it to February gives you hope that better times are to come.  Baseball, pool opening, green grass and the sound of the birds. 

I also have plans to go see a play my niece is in and a stamping date with my friends.  We have such good times together. 

May you receive a heart shaped box of chocolates for Valentines Day.