Wednesday, September 3, 2014

evening pictures

Here is a good picture of Sam.

I have seen many really nice evening sky pictures on facebook.  It's too beautiful to just let go by so here is mine.

Underwater Sam...neat effect.

Goodnight Moon

This is my sunflower tree that is a volunteer from last years sunflowers. I am pretty impressed with it.

clematis...I thought I had lost it in July.  It had not a leaf on it.  I gave it more water and it started sprouting again.  If I get a whole trellis of this color it will be an amazing site.

Sunny face

One candystriped daylily left.  Soooo pretty!

I love you to the moon and back said Big Nutbrown Hare.

I told her I could see her. 

Tom and the boys went last week for the new bunch of wood.  Hubby piled it so neatly, I really like it.

Love the orange colored sky.  It was probably 10 minutes after the previous sky.

Mmmm-so nice

Lily the pool cat...we thought for sure she would be in by the end of the season but not so sure now. 

Hope that you had a nice evening and enjoyed the sky in your area.

clay tile

1st assignment finished last night.  It was a tile, 12 X 20 inches that was supposed to represent yourself and it was all about texture.  So this is me, houses and birds nest with eggs. Welcome pineapple, a cat flowers and the word sanctuary on the front door.  That's how I view my home, as our sanctuary away from it all. 

I used tubular manicotti noodles for the roof tiles and then made bird tracks around the nest with a chicken magnet that I had.  The lines on the house were done with a cake decorating gadget.  Eric, the professor feels that it could break in the firing process if we don't cut it apart at the stress line.  That is between the windows and the door.  So we are going to cut it apart straight across, right above the door. Then I will cut the top apart exactly between the windows.  It will be neat hanging on the wall like a mosaic. 

Thursday is critique day for the class and then they have to dry and get fired. 

It's always fun to see what others have made too. 

I will see if I can get some pictures for you.

Have a happy day!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

sweet potato vine

If you have never used sweet potato vine in your outside arrangements you should try them.  They are a fantastic color of green that just complements the other colors and makes them pop.  The vines grow so easy and need trimmed up often. I have trimmed these twice and could stand more off of it.     

These are on each side of my front door.  The balance of the plants is a bit off in this one, but I don't want to mess with it since it is growing so well.

I hope you give them a try, easy to find in the garden areas of the stores.

Thanks for stopping by.