Saturday, April 7, 2012


Stopped at the museum gift store and found these wonderful original watercolors by artist Donna Whittsitt. This is a forest in Brown County Indiana.  The artist resides in Brown County.
I could not get it all in because it is 14 inches long.  I thought it would be very interesting framed for a narrow wall.

I was taken by this guys colors and it is going to sit on an easel in the powder room bathroom. 

It's size is 3 x 6.  It feels like it is done on illustrator board. 

Friday, April 6, 2012


When in Indianapolis I was impressed with how nice it is along this canal.  People were renting paddle boats, kayaks, peddle cars to drive along the sidewalk.  People were jogging, walking their dogs and eating their lunches.

This is looking toward downtown outside of the museum.
you can see a paddle boat.

Here you can see the people walking and also the kayak.  On the other side must be a park, and those partitions have names on them.

Here are the pretty trees and the statues of the mastodons.

Flowers and bushes to keep the hill intact.

A fountain in the open area.

These were paintings under the New York Street Bridge.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's Opening Day!

The air is a little fresher and the sun is a little brighter.
It's finally here-spring can now begin.

I got this picture off the Detroit Free Press online edition.
Isn't it great?

Tigers play Boston and Verlanders on the mound.
Unfortunately we won't be there, but we will be tuned in.
Have a Fantastic Day!

art on the museum

All around on the sides of the Indiana State Museum are wall sculptures representing each county.  I have included a few and it was very enjoyable to look at. 

I am not sure if it is supposed to be a leaf or a tree.
Either way it is very pretty.


I believe this must be a waterfall

Lake Freeman, soybeans and poultry

This county is the poultry capitol of the world?

There are one of these for each sculpture.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a day in indy

Since it is spring break, we decided to go to Indy for the day.
The weather was perfect.
Kevin loves the Civil War also and I thought this was a particularly good picture of him.

Our destination was the Indiana State Museum and the Imax theater.
Kevin by the deer fountain that had not been filled yet.

We were sitting outside the museum resting and I took our picture.

We were walking to lunch and I noticed the weber grill .  Clever Idea.

Dad-I told him to smile.
A little crazy......

Nothing like 3-D glasses and a camo hat.
It's working for ya.

We had a fun day out.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Made a card to add to my stash when I need to send one.
I used the birch tree stamp with cardinals by Northwoods.
The other cardinal is by Judith. I used watercolor pencils and glitter on the tree. 

I always like my envelopes to have a nice design.
Even the mailman can enjoy.

Patterned paper always adds to the inside of the card. 
I love that little red cardinal, but then I guess I love any little red cardinal :-D.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Book Review-Killing Lincoln by Bill O'Reilly

I am a person who enjoys learning about the Civil War and this book read like a novel and not a history book.  It had brought up many points that I had not heard of or even considered.  That John Wilkes Booth was part of a larger conspiracy to murder President Lincoln than just 6 people.  Money was paid, Booths journal was missing that he wrote while he was in the swamps waiting to get away.  Pages had been torn out when it was found.  The bodyguard that was supposed to be sitting on the other side of the door in Fords Theater left to go to the pub and was never held accountable for this misdeed.  Of course we will never know but it was interesting reading.  I am not a fan of the Bill O'Reilly Spinfactor, but he wrote a very good novel. 

A publicist from Macmillan Publishing also forwarded the link to try the audio version. Click on the word audio to go to it and give it about 5 seconds.

Also we were down in Indianapolis and I found a good statue of Lincoln when he was a boy in Indiana.


I also found a historical marker that goes along with the book

I had not known that it made so many stops in Indiana.
It was interesting.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

peat pot update

99% of the pots have growth.

I am very pleased.

Hope I can keep them alive....