Saturday, February 15, 2014

Old Books

I was walking through a flea market last summer and a vendor had tables of books for sale.  Then he had a table that said FREE.  Two of my favorite four letters words together.  I started perusing through them and picked up a couple of fiction that had some water damage because they were a little warped.  That didn't hinder the reading quality in them.  I will review them someday when I get time to read them. 

The above books caught my eye because I thought they would be fun to use to draw on their pages.  But looking through them I thought they were so interesting.  They were readers from the Seventh Day Adventist School. This one was copyrighted in 1933.

There was a story in the book about a little girl who took sick and had to stay home from school and her mother looked after her. 

Here are a couple of paragraphs:

Mother kept Patty's feet in hot water about twenty minutes.  She kept her head cool by wiping her face with a cloth wrung out of cold water.  When she tucked her little girl in bed, she put an extra blanket on the bed. Of course she opened the windows, for she knew germs didn't like fresh air. 

The next few days Patty's food consisted of fruit, hot oatmeal with dates and cream (but no sugar), dry, hot toast made of whole-wheat bread, poached eggs, spinach, and hot milk flavored with a little bit of Vegex.

I looked to see what this Vegex was and it is still made today!  Here I found information for it on the Center for Educational Advancement.

It's made of Brewers Yeast.  Interesting stuff.

I then also picked up this first grade reader copyrighted in 1925...the year my Father was born...88 years ago. 

All the biblical stories are really sweet for the little first graders.

I have to share the last page with you....lesson 80

The Last Lesson
The stories are finished, dear children;
You may read for me now the last page.
Your school days are going by swiftly;
You have added one year to your age.

I hope you are learning, dear children,
To do with your might what you can.
I hope that the lessons have helped you
To see our God's beautiful plan.

The stories are true, little children;
Still one thing I'd like you to hear:
In the beautiful home you have heard of,
We shall learn many more, children dear.

There Jesus will be the dear Teacher,
And angels the helpers will be.
In that school may we see all the children
Who have read all these lessons for me.


I then picked up this Time Life book from the early 1960's.  I wanted to see what they had to say about Saint Francis and Saint Clare and if there were any pretty pictures.  Not so much, lots of black and white photos.  Might dig deeper into it just to see how times have changed. 

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Friday, February 14, 2014


I brought the box up from the basement that I had packed my buttons in.  If you are button aficionado you may enjoy this.  This is a Longaberger button basket that I love.  Someone crocheted the pretty liner.  just all kinds of great buttons that my Mom had thrown in it. 

Ceramic hand made buttons.  I have not figured out what I am going to do with them yet.  They are so cute and I have duplicates.  I want to somehow display them.

Buttons in jars to display them.

More yet

The lid to the button basket with pretty hand painting. 

Hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

Valentines Day is my favorite holiday.  I don't have a lot to do and I get get red hearts and chocolate.

These are the valentine cards I made this year.

I hope you get everything you want.


Vintage Hankies

The hankies I am going to show you are either from my family or from my husband's family.  They were in our Mothers drawers when we had to close up the houses.  A fun design with children on a playground merry go round.

Pretty delicate little daisies all around the edge.

Girl riding a pink horse, could it be representing Annie Oakley?

Little Boy Blue asleep in the Hay...sheeps in the meadow, the cows in the corn.

Pink embroidered flowers.

Mary had a little lamb

Just a pretty aqua colored delicate hankie.

Do you have any vintage hankies in your drawer?  You can search and find a lot of information about them, they seem to be collectable. 

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New keys

Just a quick post to show you these neat keys that I have been finding.  I picked up a couple of shadowbox frames from Michaels crafts that I plan to display them in and hang them on the wall.  I think they are really pretty and unique. I have had fun searching for these little gems.

Hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Organized Studio Tour

This is my friend Theresa's very well organized studio.

Punches that are neatly placed.

Magnetic white board holding die cuts and tins with brads..the tins can be found at IKEA.

Stacking organizers with various items.

More die cuts neatly labeled.

Rolling drawers that are holding stamps and ribbons, embossing powders and glitter. 

Two desk areas with stacking organizers that are holding paper and various other items. 

My area to sit at with a light and waste basket. When we ladies get together for our stamping sessions we always choose the same spot no matter who gets there's like church you always sit in the same area. 

A sturdy folding table is set up for our other two gal friends.  This is lovely Michelle, she is our fast stamper.  She has probably whipped out two or three cards by this time. 

Its  just a beautiful, well organized area that is a site to behold.

Every good studio has a television. Another small folding table that is brought in for our snacks is over in the corner. 

Sharing Theresa's cards that she made this day. The hearts are embossed with white.

Love the hearts floating out of the envelope.

Embossed silver heart inside the cut out heart.

A pretty thank you. Her little raised flower is adorable. 

A clever use of patterned paper

It's simple yet elegant.

A pretty boy baby card. 

I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I did.

I also want to tell you what a treat it always is to eat at Theresa's house.  She is a wonderful cook and you never go away hungry!
Thanks for stopping by so I could share it with you. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Another 4 inches!

I don't think I ever shared this picture.  This is our brick walk by the pool.  We will have a black metal fence going all around the pool.  It's on order but the weather hasn't cooperated.  It seems like right after we ordered it the snow started.  I love this walk, it is so handy to get to the bathroom after we use the hot tub.

This is the retaining wall that we needed to put up because there is a hill on this corner of the pool.  I am dreaming of spring where I plan to pack some dirt in between the rocks and plant some creeping phlox.  That should soften up the hard look and have green and flowers hanging down..

We haven't been out in the yard since Thanksgiving, hopefully they haven't shifted.  I plan to plant flowers in big pots and put them on top of the flat rocks.  It will be pretty. 

Today I found all five cats, in five different places, sleeping at the same time.  What a life they have.  Stonewall on the couch in the great room.

Sophie under the dining room table.

Sebastian on our bed.

Smoke in the sunroom.

Lily in the master bath on the chair. The winter must be getting them down too.  Trying to sleep it away.

4 inches of brand new fluffy snow fell yesterday and today.  Juuuuusssstt wonderful...NOT.

Tom and Kevin took care of the snow duties, and the sun was out and it was beautiful yet cold this moning.  I am just showing the hot tub in this picture, picture it now with little ice cycles hanging off of it with a lot of snow around it. 
We got in the tub at 103 degrees, the wind picked up, it started snowing again.  Our 103 dropped to 100 degrees in 15 minutes.  It was time to get out and close everything up. That's it for today. 

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