Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This was a watercolor class assignment.
We were supposed to come up with our own superhero.
Jesus was the original superhero.
It's going to get framed soon and put near the cross wall.

Monday, May 9, 2011

starting the day

After my beautiful sunset I had to have a beautiful sunrise.

Oh what a beautiful morrrrrrrnnnnniiiiinnnngggg!

Oh what a beautiful daaaaayyyyyyy!

I've got a beautiful feeeeellllliiiinnnngggg!

Everythings going my waaaaayyyyy!

He is planning all the time.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day

I had a really nice Mothers Day spent with my guys. We had our usual morning routine of Church, Breakfast and Grocery Store. Then we came home and I just did what I wanted to do as they did the same. I got some pretty Mom cards and a movie from Kevin. We had stopped before we came home and I picked up some pansies to plant and did that in the afternoon. I then picked Pizza Hut for dinner and it was all nice and low key. The best kind of day. I loved it. Here are my Pansies.

I have a few red begonias in there too.

A big puffy heart of love to my guys.

There is even harmony among the beasts in the family.
Notice Stonewall isn't in the picture.

Tom did one of his favorite things, mow the lawn and there he was spraying the weeds to get rid of them for our landscaping.

Here is a nice treasure from my Tom's Mom and Dads home.
It is a pretty wicker plant stand. 
I potted the plants we received from the funeral.
And have it on the little wall by the front door.

Here is a delicate china cup that was my Mother in Laws.  It is so thin.

Here is Sebastian on the Classic Car.

A car cover has been ordered.

A lovely, lovely sunset to end my Great Mothers Day.