Saturday, October 20, 2012

My IPad

I saved up and bought an IPad along with this case/keyboard to store it in.  I just love the portability of it and the size. 
I am like a kid in a candy store with the apps.  I found a CNN app and that led to one thing, then another. 
While looking at my newly downloaded CNN app an article, 10 things you should not do with your smartphone caught my eye.  Being a new owner of a device similar to a smartphone I thought it would be a good thing to read.  I also have observed in my college classes, being the in the minority age bracket, that many traditional age students cannot put away their smartphone, even though the professor specifically ask them to.  They are addicted.  I see them hiding them on their lap and as the professor has their head turned hurridly checking whatever they are looking at.  I see them hidden against their purses or just blatenly laying on their desk texting.  It's an epidemic.  It's okay not to know what is happening for two hours. Their world and the rest of the world will not cave in, plus we have breaks where they can check the all important.

So off my soapbox and back to my trail through my new apps, in this article it talks about an artist named Austin Kleon who wrote a book "Steal Like an Artist".

I thought "Oh My Gosh" I love this book.  I also have a love affair with (I have their credit card so everything I buy will get points toward Amazon purchases).  So then I had to go in and download the Kindle App.  I then purchased this book in the E-version and "WhaLa" like magic it came onto my IPad.  I have it with me whenever I have a little time for joy.  Everything he talks about, I have learned and use now, from my art classes at The University of Saint Francis

Also in the previously mentioned article is spoke about an author Anias Nin.  Click on this to see who she was.  I may see if there are any E-Versions of her book at the library, since I have downloaded their app.  If not, I will put a hold on it and go to the actual building to get it.
Oh I love the feel of a real book!


Friday, October 19, 2012


I got this from the Detroit Free Press this morning.
The Tigers swept the Yankees last night.
The National League is still playing so we have to wait to see if the Tigers play St. Louis or San Francisco. 
Either way, the Hawkins House will be there all the way.
Go Get Em Tigers!
We Love You and the city of Detroit!