Monday, June 27, 2011

piece by piece

Our deck is all nice and cozy.
We picked up a deck rug and some chairpads and umbrella. 

Another pottery barn piece that was deliverd today. 
I should get another soon.

took in a ballgame

This last weekend we went to Detroit for a baseball game.
I thought I would show some sites that I enjoyed.

I'm not sure what this was, but I thought it was interesting.

Engine Company #1.
It is very close when the driver parks the truck.

Across the street from the fire station is the Town Pump Tavern.
How pretty this building was.

Here is the other side of it.

The side of the Fox Theater.

How beautiful the filigree is.

At the Hockey Town restaurant and bar they had Redwings door handles.

Kid Rock will be coming in August to perform.

Lots of people before and after the game that hope someone will drop some coins in their hats.
If you look close his hat is on the ground, before I got the picture off he was doing some kind of dance.

Love the cement tigers around the outside of the park.

My tasty margarita drink in my souvenir cup.

My favorite seats.

Lots of space for your legs and "stuff".
Little tables to put your drinks on.

Love the metal tiger design on the seats.

The little guys with their faces painted.
They were in line to run the bases.

This man was playing a pretty good saxophone.  The boys is going to throw some coins in his case.
You never know what you will see when you go to Detroit.