Sunday, August 28, 2011

African Violet

I purchased a couple of African Violets yesterday and the store also had these nifty African violet pots.
I know it is better to water these plants from the bottom.  Conveniently the plants could be taken out of the plastic pot they were bought in and be dropped into the first half of the ceramic pot.  You then put water in the second pot and fit the plant pot into it.  That way the water soaks through to water the bottom of the plant. 

Here the blue pot is in the sunroom.

The new clock for the sunroom also.

Here is a green pot in the refurbished bird cage. 

Random Acts of Kindness Story

Taken from the Book "Random Acts of Kindness-An Illustrated Celebration
I was living in Chicago and going through what was a particularly cold winter-both in temperature and in my personal life.  One evening I was walking home from a bar where I had been drinking alone, feeling sorry for myself, when I saw a homeless man standing over an exhaust grate in front of a department store.  He was wearing a filthy sportcoat and approaching everyone who passed by for money.

I was too immersed in my own troubles to deal with him so I crossed the street.  As I went by, I looked over and saw a businessman come out of the store and pull a ski parka out of a bag and hand it to the homeless man.  For a moment both the man and I were frozen in time as the businessman turned and walked away.  Then  the man looked across the street at me.  He shook his head slowly and I knew he was crying.  It was the last time I have ever been able to disappear into my own sorrow. 

Come on readers, post a random act of kindness story that happened to you in my comments section.


I pass this field twice a week and am amazed at the hay bales that are put randomly out there.  It seems as if they multiply each time I go by.  Maybe they don't but I think it is amazing how they look.  The field is very wide and deep.  A lot of work and time went into it. 


I have this corner cabinet in my studio and use it to keep my ink pads.  The way I was doing it before I could not see what I had to work with.  They were just jumbled together.  I found these corner shelves and am really happy that the pads can be on layers now, it makes it so much easier.