Wednesday, June 15, 2011

life went on

My herbs are sprouting all except the spearmint and Italian parsley.
Maybe they are late sprouters or I got a bad batch of seeds.

Builder Steve and his workers Matt and Jake were building a deck for us off of the sunroom.

It got finished while we were gone.

It is so nice and finished off.

We also had them put a screen door on.
We are really going to enjoy it!
I forgot to add this in the previous post.
I did pick up a piece of pottery made by an artist in Ely, MN.
It is a leaf and I am going to use it for a spoon rest.

I tried to catch it in a different light.

Back Home Again in Indiana

No matter where I go out of state I am always glad to see this sign.
I truly believe there is "no place like home".
On our trip we drove over 1600 miles and it was a whirlwind tour.
In a month we will do it again.
We saw so many things and this is a great camp so it was worth it.

This was the last morning and I had woken up at 4:15 to peek out the window.
It was so picture worthy.

On Tuesday we had gone to the International Wolf Center and enjoyed it.
Wolves are so intelligent and energetic.
After hearing the wolf sounds I am sure that first evening along with the loons I heard a wolf howling. It was very cool.
After we had sat in on a presentation one of the caretakers of the wolves threw out pigs ears so we could see them.  They had been sleeping in the shade of the trees.
This one got his ear and was chewing on it.

This one, his ear went in the water and he had a dilemma of what to do.
So he stood at the waters edge to see if he could get it.

Then he decided to slowly wade in.

Then he was taking a drink.  But he just couldn't bring himself to put his head under the water to get it. He had been gypped.

So he was looking back over there thinking "will you throw me another one"?

Then on the way home I talked Tom into taking a side trip.
This was the location that Laura Ingalls Wilder was born and the first Little House book was written about.
Pepin, Wisconsin.
This was Little House in the Big Woods.
The big woods are not there any more.
The road we took back to it was about 6 miles to town, so Pa had a long way to walk.

They erected a replica cabin that they lived in

Here is the loft that Mary and Laura slept in.

And it had two downstairs bedrooms. (I don't know the girl)
And it also had a big fireplace in the room with room to eat.
On our way home we stayed in Janesville and when we were leaving I noticed this big cow statue.
Probably because of the dairy farms around the state.

We had gotten off on US 30 in Illinois (big mistake) to try to bypass Chicago, we decided it wasn't worth it.
But Lincoln Highway was along this also.  There was a neat fountain for Lincoln Hwy and thought it was picture worthy.

This is for my co-workers at The University of Saint Francis.  Here is one of the hospitals that the Sisters of Saint Francis of Perpetual Adoration own.  It is in Dyer, IN, right across the line on US 30.

I just thought this guy was funny.  He was at a Valparaiso putt putt golf place.
Now tomorrow I am back to work.

Monday, June 13, 2011


This morning it was 48 degrees.
We had slept with the windows open.
It was wonderfully fresh when we woke up.
When we went to bed I realized there was a beautiful WOOL Northwoods blanket on the bed.
I immediately folded that back thinking we aren't going to need that!
This morning I was grabbing it and quickly pulling it over us.
We realized we had no television in the cabin.
We do have this beautiful view out our window though.
Obviously we have internet.
Thank God for technology .
We are having trouble getting our water warm.
Our morning showers should be brisk and short.

The beautiful view.
That would make a pretty watercolor.

To the left a bit is the dock that we can sit on.
Someone had been drinking their morning coffee on there, I forgot to look to see if they had their Parka's on.

This is our cute cabin.
Tom is staying warm under the covers. 
To the left is our little heater.
Didn't think we were going to use that either.
Notice that it is on.

Today we are going to the International Wolf Center.
For Lunch the Chocolate Moose.
There is a childrens garden in town that might be interesting.
I think it will be the Ely Steakhouse for dinner. 
I will let you know whatever else we find to occupy our time this evening.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Still Searching

I am still searching for a live moose.  When we were going to Kevin's camp we came across a sign that said "Moose Area".  I said well  you would think that we would see one then.  Tom told me that they don't have shifts and stand along the side of the road for phot ops. I think he was being a bit sarcastic.
First we went to Split Rock Lighthouse.  This was on my bucket list. I wanted to see it at least once.
It was very beautiful.

A good picture of Tom and Kevin.

We had to walk down these steps (and back up) to see the lighthouse from the lower angle.

This claims it is the most photographed lighthouse in the US.

These just make me laugh.

and laugh

and laugh.

We got Kevin to camp finally and here he is going to the cabin.

It looked like a really nice place with good people.  He will have fun if he lets himself.

We then got to Ely, MN to our cabin.

This is what we have to look at.
It's pretty hard to take.
We heard cool bird calls on the lake.  I believe it was loons.
I am now in search of a picture of those too.

Pretty, pretty,pretty

Things that have piqued my interest along the way-Betty's Pies.  I hope to get Tom to stop....He say's $25.00 FOR A PIE!
I said they must be good!
It's worth a try.
Lot's of artists up here, pottery and handmade rugs. 
So we will see what comes of it.