Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beauty planted

This week we finally got our landscaping.
I have a three tier fountain that will go in the bare spot in the middle.
There is a lot of space for growing.

I really love this ornamental grass.  It should do well by the dryer vents.

These two bushes are burning bushes and there are very feathery coreopsis.

The little garden off the deck with Saint Francis in the middle.

This is behind the garage.  It is such a long space that I had them leave a bare spot so that I may plant tall plants like sunflowers, lupins, hollyhock and big zinnias.

This is the side of the garage that faces the street.  That is a magnolia tree in the middle and it works around the dish, the well head and the gas meter. 

Birch tree with knock-out roses, daylilies etc. 
I feel it will be wonderful when they start to grow.