Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

A couple of pictures from around Westport Massachusetts. Happy Birthday America!
We Love the U.S.A.!

from Canada to Massachusetts

Something we don't see in the United States.

Even though I was only gone two days I was glad to be back in the U.S.

The Big Apple not far away.

The Hudson River to the West

The Hudson River to the East
No one was landing on it.

Pretty view on the interstate.

First time we entered Massachusetts.

Thought the Pilgrims Hat was unique on the Massachusetts Turnpike sign.

The Appalachian Trail starts way up in Maine and goes all the way down the east coast. I am tickled when I see it.  We passed under it another time in Pennsylvania a few years back.

Don't know why there would be a reduced salt area.

This was on the interstate, must have been a problem to post a sign about it.

Providence, Rhode Island

The Atlantic Ocean in Providence

Back in Massachusetts

Nuclear Power Plant in Falls Creek Massachusetts.

Thanks for viewing my pictures!

card and tags

One of the reasons we are on our trip is because we are going to a wedding in Massachusetts.
Their names are Mark and Molly.
I used dry embossing, wet embossing, die cutting.

Not so serious on the inside. Bright and Happy.

I had some packages to send before we left and made some tags to send with them.  My people should have their packages by now, hopefully.  They were sent to Indiana, Florida and Washington State. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

For Detroit Tigers Lovers

Some of the most fun we had was watching everything that happens before and after the game.
We enjoyed watching the Tigers stretch and exercise before batting practice.
Here is Tori Hunter and Austin Jackson who were running sprints and talking and laughing.

 Justin Verlander walking out with two of the bullpen coaches.  Justin was not going to pitch that day but was catching balls in the outfield and playing long ball.  It was just fun to watch.

Here he is going into one of his pitches.

 Max Scherzer talking with a catcher.

I don't recall if he ever threw the ball to anyone, he just played with the ball and enjoyed talking with everyone who came by. We see him in the dugout just playing with the ball too, must like to have it in his hands all the time.

Rick Porcello does sprints up and down the steps to get his workouts before the game.

Up another flight

now down-we saw him do this all over the stadium. He gets a good workout in.

Prince Fielder and Omar Infante.
Prince was just great to watch in batting practice, the balls were going all over the park.

The trainer was stretching Brayan Pena before the game. We really enjoyed the way Brayan laid out his equipment.  It looks like a flat person.
Of course I had to add Muguel Cabrera, who also was fun to watch in batting practice.

Here we are with our Tigers Shirts on.
 Players waiting batting practice.  Jim Leyland is walking up the middle.

Ace, the Blue Jays Mascot.

The color guard
Jose Alvarez was the starting pitcher for the game. He did not do well and is came out of the game and took the loss. 

Not a clear picture, but Rod and Mario in the booth.
Unfortunately the Tigers lost but we had a great time. 


horse show

We've got the boots.
and the saddle
Kevin, the rider.
We went to a horse show recently, just to try it out.
It happened that he had to ride a horse he hadn't ridden before.
That is why the man is beside him.
It was a last minute change.
He was nervous,but did fine.

This was just a pretty little girl who was seven.

Sitting on a big horse.

This horse had a braided main and tail.

Allison is the director of Summit Equestrian and gives the lessons.
She is a great person. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Toronto Canada

Crossing the St. Clair river into Canada. We had no problem at the border, a middle aged couple and their son with a car full of stuff did not look threatening.  The border person must have been a baseball fan because he knew all about our destination and that they had $10.00 beers at the ball park and that we would be high up to watch the game.  Whew...hopefully we get back into the US now. 

Pretty Canadian Flag

Toronto-a city of 2 million plus.

The ballpark from our room window.

The Blue Jays and Boston game was on the big TV in the park while they were getting it ready for the game on July 1st.
Our room, we had to get a roll away for Kevin.  The hotel was booked for Canada Day. It will be like our Independence Day, fireworks, parades, yada, yada. 

The open window overlooking the ball park.  We are not to throw things out of the window, I guess even in we catch a home run ball, we can't throw it back. 

A lot of preparation goes into a ballgame.  They had a Canadian football game here a couple of days ago.  You can see the yard lines. The ballpark was lit up throughout the night.  They were cleaning the astroturf with large 4 wheelers, the foul poles went up, behind home base the Blue Jays Circle was in this morning. It will be interesting to see what that red and white banner is, there in the seats, something to do with Canada Day I am sure.  They have just gotten done painting the baselines as I am writing this. I saw the first person at 6:00 this morning and we went to sleep at 10:30 last night and the workers were still there. 

I like to throw a picture of myself in every so often.  I had Tom take it by this lovely violet picture in the room.

I had Tom sit in this high backed chair, he said it was a VERY uncomfortable chair-hence the reason for the goofy look...I guess.

Underneath the CN Tower.  I don't know what it is all about but those lines on the side have elevators that go up. We won't be going up though.

One of the entrances for the Rogers Center to buy tickets. Click on this link and it tells all about all the pictures I am showing.

A sculpture above the sign in the picture above.

Entrance to the CN Tower.

A walkway bridge.  There is a person in the middle with an electric guitar playing for money.  There was an artist selling his work to the right.

I thought those flowers were beautiful.

What a rush to have a huge picture of yourself on the side of a building.  Think their Mom's want them when the Blue Jays take them down?  Roll them up and save them in the attic.

I liked the seagull sitting on the lamp post that was displaying a blue jays banner.

Canadian architecture seems to be boxier and lots and lots of windows. 
It's a big busy city.  The usual saying-it's a great place to visit. 

Sculpture of two woodpeckers on a pole.

Toronto Police Harbor Boats.

A side view of the previously shown sculpture.

I would bet tonight, there will be fireworks in the Harbor.

I know I had a bunch of pictures....but there is so much to share.
Thanks for stopping by.