Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Building the Pyamid

We had a family get together last Sunday.  Tom's cousin and family came up from Texas to visit his mother in Ohio and they then drove over to our house.  It was a nice day for a swim and we have been getting a lot of good use out of the pool.  Here we have the start of a pyramid.  Cory, the guy you can't see yet is on the bottom, Kelli is in the middle and Allie is on top.

Another step up

And now Cory has air.

He has a tough job, getting some water out of his eyes.

Ta Daa--Allie is the theatrical one-as you can easily tell.

Lots of activity going on.  Libations being poured, pyramids walking the pool.  It's good to see.

I Put the camera down, walked away, and someone starts taking pictures of themselves...EMILY.
It was a nice find on the import :-) 

and then taking pictures of others.
Boyfriend Byron

Her sister Kelli (the middle of the Pyramid).

It's always nice to have people over.

Happy Wednesday
May your day be great!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

cup drawing

I saw a video of Gwyneth Leech drawing on the paper coffee cups from her morning coffee.  Anthropologie has turned her cups into porcelain and are selling them on their website.
She said that she found that this medium is very easy to draw on so I gave it a try and it was.
Here is what I came up with. 

Cheerful to drink out of.  Have a Great Tuesday!

Monday, June 9, 2014

garden next door

Happy Monday!  This weekend I went to the neighbors right next door because they had lots of blogworthy pictures to share.  These are just the cutest garden art!  A co-worker with Lisa makes these.  They are made out of dinner plates and bowls.  If the artist has an Internet site I will share it with you when I find out. 

The strawberries are making a strong showing this season.

They cover them with nets because the robins come in and help themselves.

These are volunteer sunflowers at the edge of the yard.  They are going to put on quite a show later this summer. 

A purple martin has taken up residence in the bird house.  She let me take her picture, and must be incubating some eggs in there.  They are amazing how they swoop through the air eating bugs.  The do flybys at your head when we get too close to nests. 

Her little face watching me taking pictures of her. 

side view-cute bird house.

Gennine-an artist I follow painted a woodpile just like this one, and it was really neat.  I am going to try the same with this one. 

I would like some of this, I had not seen it before and the flowers are really pretty.  Send me an email or write a comment if you know the name,  the neighbors could not remember. 

This bird house also has a nest of purple martins, we got the swoops at our heads when we were near.

Each year the garden gets more impressive and they share with us.  So far we have gotten radishes, lettuce and strawberries.

I thought this columbine was just beautiful with the yellow and orange. 

This is Maggie, the resident boxer.  Lisa works for the human shelter and Maggie was brought in and they were so lucky to adopt her.  She is a really sweet gal.

Our strawberries from the garden, all cleaned up and ready for dinner.

Thanks so much to our dear next door neighbors for letting me bring over my camera.