Wednesday, April 17, 2013

life is full

I had promised before and after 20 pounds lost pictures.  This is the day after Christmas 2012.  We started our weight loss regime on January 1, 2013.
This picture was taken last weekend.  Tom and I are the second couple from the right.  He had met his goal of 30 pounds and I had lost 21 (not my goal yet) and I am still stuck on 21 at this weeks weigh in.  What a difference 20 pounds makes though. How much better I feel.

We are at The Palace at Auburn Hills in Michigan.  We had just attended a Bob Seger concert.  Our friends, Dave and Nancy (the couple on the left) happened to fall into these upgraded seats when they walked into the lobby.  The tickets were being given away.  It was really great because we could all sit as a group, we could walk around and the bathroom was right behind us.  There was a personal bar in the area also. 
A Great Time!

As you can see from the background the Pistons play here, recently the NCAA tournament was here in March.  The next day the Harlem Globetrotters were performing also.  It is a very busy place

This is how far away we were from the stage, which was fine-We knew all the songs.
Bob Seger is 67 years old and still going. 
The outside to show we were actually there.

Life is very full right now, only two full weeks left of school of which I am looking forward to the break.  I haven't been able to get much posting in but it will pick up after classes end. 

I am taking a two week class right after the regular session which is Natural Indiana and it is a field trip every day.  A nice change from the regular classroom. 

Till next time...thanks for stopping by.