Thursday, August 25, 2011


Some of my favorite things to use when I make a card are of course the rubberstamp, watercolor pencils, little fiscar scissors that don't stick when you cut doublesided foam.  As you can tell, watercolor pencils are so bright on cards.  My rubberstamp is a Magenta cling.  Also on my cards I raise elements and use glitter. 

We have no wind today and thought the fountain looked pretty.  The water spray made the design of a flower. 

They love small spaces

Cats and Quilts, they go together.

The finishing touch

The valances that we got made were installed today.  It softens up the area without taking away from the pretty design in the window or the view.  We are very happy with them.  Tom also installed the TV on the wall so now I can decorate the mantle.  Not sure about the cords yet...I suppose they could be painted the same color as the walls or I will put something in front so they are not so noticeable. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Can you say MMMMmmm

That just says it all!

Hoping for Landscaping Soon

As we all know it has been a hot dry summer.  We are having Cornerstone Landscape Group
put in the landscaping and we opted to wait until the end of August or beginning of September, when it is cooler and little wetter.  We have all areas ready for it. 
I am looking forward to having something growing around the house.  It is dead, no birds, bees, hummingbirds, butterfly's, just dry dirt, with an occasional weed that Tom has to eliminate. 

This is the landscape plan (be sure to click on it to make it bigger).  I added some daylilies and replaced some bushes behind the garage with some others.

These are called Strawberry Candy Daylilies.
I just think they will be gorgeous.

Random Acts of Kindness

I always enjoy the commercials on TV when one person does something nice and then that leads another person to do something nice and it is just the domino effect.  When I am driving I always let people in, or go in front of me, I try not to lay on my horn instead I beep it gently in case the person is daydreaming at the light.  I think of Gone With the Wind when Melanie and Scarlett are feeding the soldiers and Scarlett was begrudging the food to the soldiers.  Melanie said that she hoped some woman was feeding Ashley like they are feeding some other woman's husband.  I hope that people treat my family with the same respect in driving because we all need help sometimes.  That's why this book caught my eye.  It has good quotes from people and nice stories.
So Sundays will be Random Acts of Kindness Day.
I Would Love to Read about Random Acts of Kindness that have happened to you.
I will open up the comments so that everyone can read the good things that have happened and get enjoyment out of them too. 
Each Sunday I will put on one of the stories from the book.
Here is a video that makes you think about how daily things can be turned into Random Acts of Kindness. 

(Story from the book)
Several Years ago, when I was living in Chicago, I read in the newspaper about a little boy who had leukemia.  Every time he was feeling discouraged or particularly sick, a package would arrive for him containing some little toy or book to cheer him up with a note saying the present was from the Magic Dragon.  No one knew who it was.  Eventually the boy died and his parents thought the Magic Dragon would finally come forth and reveal him or herself.  But that never happened.  After hearing the story, I resolved to become a Magic Dragon whenever I could, and have had many occasions.