Friday, December 2, 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Christmas Tree is up

The tree is tall to fit the great room

My new owl for the tree.

Visiting the Fords

On Friday we visited the Edsel and Eleanor Ford home.
That is Lake St. Clair in the background.
I think that lake is fabulous!

Josephines playhouse given to her by her grandmother. 
It cost $15000.00 to build
Here we are inside Josephines playhouse by the Christmas Tree. 
Notice how close we are to the ceiling.

Our friend Nancy and her sister Mary.


This is the entrance house.  It was used for Security. 

Out the Hotel Window in Detroit

The Detroit River

A Pretty November 25th.

Looking out the 19th floor hotel room.

Thanksgiving Day Football Game

Televised Thanksgiving Day football game between Lions and Green Bay Packers.
Unfortunately they lost, but they had a huge crowd.

Nickleback was the halftime performace.
It was so so-not like last year with Kid rock.

Audience participation

Thanksgiving Morning Walk

We were leaving our hotel to walk down to the start line.

Thanksgiving morning in Detroit was a cool, breezy, foggy morning.

I liked this tow truck with the old english D in the back window.

An imposter

Some elves who were going to walk in the parade.

quite a crowd in front of the Spirit of Detroit

Raggedy Ann made an appearance.

Fog going up

Donald and Daisy Duck

Happy 20th!

Thanksgiving Day was Sam's 20th birthday. 
To a wonderful sweet son-We Love You.
Mom and Dad