Saturday, March 31, 2012

lazy saturday (for some)

My belly is full, I think I will settle in for a little nap.

I wish she would quit taking my picture, the flash is interrupting my nap.

I will hide my face, maybe that will stop her.

Ahhhhhh, just right. (go away)

The bed is allllllll mine!

I love it when everyone is home and they play with me.

This 5 minutes has just worn me out!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Found One

I finally found one.  A natural heart.  I was walking in the parking lot, looked down and among the white stones stood out this red heart. 

Since I am taking a 3-D art class I am appreciating the 3-D more.  I rediscovered the Humpty Dumpty box, isn't he great, sitting on his brick wall?

Here is his crack where he fell off the wall, with his band-aid to fix it.

A message inside the box.

A Toothy Flower Pot Box

A Happy Star-look at those cheeks

You have to have a sun too-his long nose is great. 

Hope this cheered your day.