Monday, November 26, 2012

Very Large Wreath

One Day a nice cub scout came to my door selling (to order) live wreaths and greenery for Christmas.

I thought how nice the smell of pine would be in the house so I bought the largest wreath they had.
It said 48 inches for $41.00 and I thought that would be fine, 48 inches around.  My windows are large and I wanted to hang it in the dining room window.  I forgot about it until the other night we came home from somewhere and I could see a large dark object on my porch.  Oh it must be the wreath, my goodness it's big.  It's so big, I can't hang it inside! 

I think they meant at least 48 inches across.  It is very lovely with a red bow and pine cones. 

I have hung it on my front window.  It was either that or hang it on the side of the garage.  My husband wondered if they brought it in a semi!

Here it is. It's a lovely wreath, just a bit larger than I bargained on. 

From my studio room.  It casts a shadow.  People don't have a problem seeing it from the road.
Note to smaller. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Milestone Birthday

November 24th was Sam's 21st birthday.  He always wants pumpkin pie in place of cake.  We were at his beck and call, Applebees, watching movies, going to Walmart.  He was funny that he had his ID out and ready to show when he order his celebration Long Island Ice Tea.  We celebrated with him at our bar in the basement.  It seems as if he had a fun day.

His Aunt Ellen and Cousin Allie stopped by to give him birthday wishes also. 

21 years went by so fast.....XOXOXOXO from your family.

Book Review-A Walk to Remember

This was the first book that I downloaded on my Ipad from our library.  How easy this was to do and all I have to do to return it is hit a button.  If I don't do that it will automatically delete after 21 days.  It's a great thing to have.

Like all Nicholas Sparks books it was a very entertaining quick read, that the reader can relate to.  Of course there are always parts that put a lump in your heart because of what the characters are going through. 

The main topic of the story is that there are two main characters Landon and Jamie.  The setting is of course North Carolina Coast and the two are 17 years old in their senior year of high school.  Landon doesn't take too many things seriously and just drifts along not putting his best foot forward in anything, but doesn't do badly either, mediocre would best describe his actions.

His father works in Washington as a Congressman so he is gone a good part of the time, but when he does come back he wants Landon to run for class President.  He begrudgingly does it and wins because the other two candidates were not quite a popular as Landon. 
Landon finds that he should have a date to a dance and every girl he asks already has a date.  He ends up asking Jamie who is the preachers daughter.  She dresses very plainly and always carrys around a bible and her classmates view her as odd, but Landon has known her for a long time.

Through a chain of events he comes to know Jamie and ends up falling in love with her.  These events become an awakening for Landon and shapes him for his adulthood.  
I recommend this book whole heartedly.
Click here for Nicholas Sparks official site about this book.