Friday, January 30, 2015

watching tv

Lily has developed a major infatuation with the fish bowl.  I used to have it on the fireplace but moved it for Christmas and have it by the kitchen sink.  I put that metal lid on top of it because it scares her when she knocks it off.  It makes a terrible racket and also it alerts me to her shenanigans. 

I feed the fish after I feed the cats and it got to the point where she would hear me take the lid off and open the fish food.  She would stop eating and run over and jump on the counter to watch. 

We don't let her stay on the counter. 

I pull up a tall stool so she can sit and watch.  That's where we say she is watching tv. 

Tom found her sitting in the sink because it was the perfect level for her to watch the fish.  She gets real excited when they swim to the top to eat the food. 
No room up here for the fish bowl now. 
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She is such a lovely girl. 

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Found a couple of cute cartoons. 

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Goodbye Smoke

Two weeks ago we had to have our old and sick cat euthanized.  That is such a hard decision to make.  One day more than twenty years ago I had a cat that had diabetes his fur would rip off, then it would heal again.  I asked my mother in law (who loved animals also) how do I make this decision.? She said "you will know when it is time".  No truer words had been spoken and I can always hear her saying that to me especially this time.  Smoke was Kevin's cat.  He would hop up with him and sleep.  When it got to the point where he couldn't jump up then he would meow and Kevin would bring him up on the bed.  I could not make a fast decision on this one, I had to let Kevin get used to the idea, and we had known he was sick for about a year.  I feel he had renal failure as a lot of older cats get. 

When Smoke was young and Kevin was 4, I would see them in the back yard and Smoke would be chasing him and smacking his legs for reasons only Smoke knows. 

Smoke showed up at the front door one day, and he had a really pretty face and he stuck around.  Of course eventually I fed him, then eventually he made his way into the house, then eventually he jump up on the furniture and that was it, he made his home. 

He was a very unassuming, quiet cat with a very soft meow.  Inside he had  steel determination  though and he would get what he wanted.

He used to love Halloween and he would lay down in the middle of the sidewalk so that every kid that came trick or treating had to stop and pet him.  "Oh look! a cat !"

He was a cheap shot artist also.  A neighborhood cat ventured into our yard one day.  Stonewall and Sebastian were mixing it up with him.  It looked like the cartoons, fur flying, all three were entangled in a ball spinning around.  Finally everything quiets down and then here comes Smoke running in to throw a cheap shot to the alien cat.  Then he walks away saying "there, that should do it"!

When finally Smoke, couldn't eat, drink or walk I said "Kevin it's time".  He has no quality of life anymore, this is not fair to Smoke. 

It's been a long time since I have had to euthanize an animal.  All my animals have had long lives.  There are so many choices that can be done with the family pets now. 

We chose the package, told the vets office and Smoke came home in this nice carrying bag.


They made a clay paw print  and it came in this paw print bag.

This was very touching and we love it.

Such the cute tissue paper.

Smokes remains are in this little wooden box with his name engraved and paw prints.
Kevin could not stand the thought of his ashes mixed in with any other cats.

Here he is in a cellophane bag tied with a raffia ribbon. 

We got a little book where we can put down memories and some of his fur was included. 

Here is my painting "Three on a Wall".  That's Smoke in the middle.  He is also on my banner in the "Party Time" painting. 

Here he is in October of 2013 right after the baby Sophie came to live with us.  I think she is about ready to pounce.

Rest in Peace, our dear 19 year old Smoke.  May you be running around with Gretchen our German Shepherd.  They were such Buddies.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Charley Harper

In the mail the other day my Dear friend Leah sent this Charley Harper Calendar to me.  I am over the top loving it.  She recently moved to Cincinnati to be near her daughter and grandchildren. Charley Harper, who is now deceased, was from Cincinnati.  My friend Leah is also known for liking ladybugs and I sent her a tile that had been made from a Charley Harper painting that was a ladybug along with information about him, he now has become one of her favorite artists also!  She found this at a Wild Birds Unlimited store and picked it up and sent it to me.  There is not one thing that he designed that I don't love. As you can probably tell he is very geometrical which adds such interest and originality to his work. 
Along with it came these great stickers.  See the ladybug?  That is what the tile looked like.  It was probably 4X4. 

This page is made from his Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Poster.
Here is a tile mosaic wall in the courthouse in Cincinnati.

This one is his painting called "Friends of our Families".

Thank you so much Leah, it was a day brightener!