Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fun morning 8 0f 30

I took some time this morning to make cards to put in my stash.  I had not used my viney die cut before and enjoyed it.  I cannot remember the company that made the flowers but they are acrylic.  The Happy Birthday is a Stamps by Judith and the leaves are from Outlines.

A nice card for a gardener.  I particularly liked the banner.  The little letter stamps I got in the dollar bin at Michaels.  They worked out really well. 

The inside of the card.  A pretty pot of flowers.  

Friday, August 2, 2013

for a friend Post 7 of 30

I finished the watercolor I was working on. My friend Theresa's beautiful home.  It measures 5 X 11.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Westport, MA Post 6 of 30

The pictures in this post were taken on our vacation while we were driving around Westport.  The photography is not that good as I was taking them from the moving vehicle.  I didn't want to keep asking the driver to stop then the irritated look would come out, though he did slow the car down for me often.  I did my best to record this pretty place. A Cape Cod with the weathered clapboard siding.  We were just a few miles from the ocean.

These people really took pride in their yards and homes.

Indiana does not have the stone fences like the residents of Massachusetts. I couldn't get enough pictures of the different kinds.

Daylilies growing along the road against the white fence.

Another stone fence

Another New England home, so neat and tidy with the American Flag and group of daylilies.

A little fuzzy but a different kind of stone fence.

I just thought this was cute as could be. 

The hydrangeas were abundant and beautiful and the colors were awesome. 
Even though it was just a month ago it seems much longer.
Thanks for stopping by. 

Baby Card Post5/30

Tom's cousin in Texas recently had a new addition to their family, so I had to get in to the studio to make a card.  I had been watching videos from the designers on PaperTreyInk about making your own background paper, so I was inspired.  I had an early set of Stampin up background lines that I used on a light blue paper from PaperTreyInk.  I don't think I could work for just one stamp company because there are so many great stamps out there to use.  The toy is a Judiths stamp along with the baby elephant.  I couldn't find it on her website anymore so it must be retired. I used the Cuttlebug to die cut the frames and the word baby.  3-D crystal was used on the toys, punches for the circles. A little bit of blue glitter for the elephant.  The craft paper came in a set from Michaels, with craft envelopes.  It is not a bad weight for layering.  I really like the look of craft paper also. 

The inside sentiment of the card I made on the computer.  The stars were acrylic from a bargain bin and the yeah baby, was an early Stampin Up set. 

Will be picking up my gift card tonight and getting it out in the mail tomorrow. 

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oh for the love of fabric 4th post of 30

Mette of the Erleperle blog located in Denmark and myself exchanged some of our over abundance.  She sent me so many great pieces to work with, it was very exciting. Opening the package was such a delight.

These beautiful pieces came from a quilt shop in Johnson City New York. 

Last week while visiting the Quilters Hall of Fame, I picked up the bottom piece from the Marie Webster collection.  I also found the Peanuts fabric, it was too cute to pass up. 

I don't know what I will do with these, but the enjoyment of just looking at them is enough for the moment. 

Just dreaming of the possibilities. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

What to do for dinner 3/30

I left home this morning with no thoughts of what to make for the evening meal.  I don't know about anybody else, but some days I just draw a blank.  Sometimes you can make breakfast for dinner, some people just have bowls of cereal.....that would not fly at my house.  There would be complaints.  Throw burgers on the grill which is quick and tasty.  My husband is a much better griller than I am, that is his job.  When I have to grill I am in and out and sidetracked by making everything else.  Something gets overdone or burned....just not a good thing. He just does excellent.

So I came up with Taco Salad.  I had hamburger that I thawed in the microwave.  I always have taco seasoning on hand.  I like to get Krogers lower sodium packets.
Everybody makes their taco salad different and I am sure I make mine different each time.  It's usually what I have on hand.

I started out with my cooked ground beef with the seasoning.


I then tore apart and salad spinned my iceberg lettuce and spinach.
Layed it out nicely on the plates.

I then added black beans and corn.

Putting a few dollops of warm meat on top of the corn and beans.

Fresh tomatoes from the neighbors garden.

Scrunched up nacho cheese taco chips to pour on the top.

Finally a little bit of cheese that I had on hand.  Normally I use cheddar but that wasn't an option tonight.

The finished result, a beautiful and tasty taco salad. 

I added a little of my favorite dressing and it did the trick!

I am curious, who usually cooks in your house?  Do you have any good ideas for quick evening meals? I am interested in something new.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The end to a really nice day 2/30

Today was an unusual weather day for July.  67 degrees, breezy with dark clouds that would come and go.  When 4 o'clock came around the sky cleared up and the sun came out.  Tom and I went out for a walk and it was a beautiful evening. 
 We had a fire burning outdoors, watching our favorite Tigers on the porch and ate beef vegetable soup and smores when it so cool earlier in the day, it seemed like a very fall day.  It was a nice, slow Sunday and we got a few things done.

This sunset around 9:00 was just a great end to a nice day.  I thought the cloud formation and colors were very enjoyable.  I put the fountain and pond to add a complement to the sky.  Tom's grass is a carpet, he works hard at keeping it nice. 

Thank you God for such a beautiful day - in many ways. 
I hope you had one too.