Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Line, Shape, Value, Texture, Color

The elements of art.  I took my camera on my walk tonight and tried to capture color and texture but you can find all the elements without even trying.

My daylilies-color, texture and line

nasturtiums and begonias-shape, texture, color

ornamental grass-line, texture

blue sky-shape, color, line, texture

pine tree-line, texture, color, shape

tree bark-line, texture, value

landscape rock-shape, value, texture


tree-color, value, texture, line

succulents, blackeyed susans and daylilies-line, color, texture

roses-color, texture, shape

a shed-shape, texture, line

coneflowers-color, shape, line, texture

stone porch-value, texture, shape, line

cut up stump with flower pots-shape, texture, line color

hibiscus-color, shape, line

coreopsis-line, shape, color

rose bush-color, line, shape

dead pine tree-texture, line

petunias-color, shape

railroad tracks-line, texture, color

old tree bark-shape, texture, line

shag bark-texture, line, value

gifts from the neighbors garden-shape, value, color, line

Thanks for looking at my pictures.

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