Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Landmark Inn

When we were in Cooperstown, New York, we stayed at this lovely bed and breakfast, Landmark Inn.  It was located within a few easy blocks from main street, where there are many shops and restaurants and the Baseball Hall of Fame along with Doubleday Field.  I had looked at many online and felt this one had the personality I was looking for.  I was not disappointed.

I love front porches and this one is great.  Pretty and Inviting

Prior to our visit this area had received an abundance of rain.  Everything was green and lush.

The flowers and greenery of course  accompanied the color of the house and was very enjoyable.

We had room number 6, a soothing yellow and blue with pretty hardwood floors, a quilt with a mariners compass design appliqued on and our own bathroom.  It had a queen bed and a single.  It offered an abundance of nice towels and toiletries. 

A nice easy chair, personal refrigerator along with pretty antique furniture. 

This is Robin, the innkeeper, she along with her husband had owned the inn since February.  She was clearing out the dining room and I capture a picture.  A wedding party was the other group that had been in the rest of the inn and they had just finished breakfast.

Here is the richly colored gathering area.

The carved sculpture keeps an eye on the guests.

The stairwell going up to the second floor.

This area was set up for us to eat breakfast privately.  It is located right behind the gathering area, we appreciated having that done for us.  Our breakfast consisted of some of the best blueberry pancakes I had ever tasted, bacon, fruit cup, coffee and juice. 

I loved the colors of the outside wicker furniture and pads, it just looked so pretty with the color of the house and the lush greenery.

Quite a few residents had these wrought iron decorative boxes and I admired them.  The orange daylilys and red flowers in the box are a nice combination along the garage. 

There was a deep front yard, pretty sign and green, green grass. 
This was a great choice for our first time in a bed and breakfast.  If you go to Cooperstown, I recommend it. 

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