Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Here are a few treasures that I received this year.

I love this big fat bird from my niece Angie.  He is sitting under a table in the foyer right now.  When it turns warm he will probably make his way near some flowers.

We were given this beautiful ornament.  I thought it was too pretty to put away so it went on the cross wall.

This is a bookmark.  I am enjoying it in the little glass vase on my bedside table.

Kevin made this box in shop class.  I think he did a great job and am so glad that I received it.

It is right now holding new Detroit Lions key chain from Sam. (Go Lions!)

Also from my niece some Polish Pottery.  My coffee will be so tasty in that mug.  The little woman will be holding cinnamon sugar.  My sister Linda gave to me the Noah's Ark Santa.  Every inch has something interesting to see.  I especially like the cats in the doorway of the ark.

When we were in Detroit I picked up a couple Christmas Gifts from Tom to me.  I wanted something with color to put on the fireplace mantle.  This nice vase is a Pewabic Pottery.

This large plate is just the right color to go with the window valances and it will also be on the mantle after the decorations come down.  Also Pewabic Pottery.
Tom saw me admiring this bottle.  It has coconut pieces floating throughout and it is so pretty.
I love coconut rum in my diet coke. 

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