Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Final Photography Project

Classes ended for the fall semester on December 14th for me.We had to show our final project. It was supposed to be a photo story. I chose the topic of porches. I decided that you could tell a lot about the inhabitants of the house by their porch. I walked up and down the streets of our historic west central neighborhood in Fort Wayne because the have some fabulous old houses with neat porches. It was a very sunny cool fall afternoon.  I walked and took pictures from 2:00 to 3:30 in the afternoon, when most people weren't home.  I didn't want to have to explain myself. The sun was my friend that day and offered great shadows. I took 3 rolls of 36 exposure film and had to choose 5 images.

This one I chose for the humor value.  I loved their gnome standing sentry at the front door.  Also the plaque on the door had a funny Halloween face on it.  The house had four mailboxes so it had been made into apartments.  So I wondered who was the person who added the interest on the front porch.

This one I chose especially for the easy chair.  Also if you look closely a couple of walls have a diamond pattern painted design.  I have been told this is kind of a party house.

I liked this one because it was so different from the others.  It was pretty no nonsense with old kitchen chairs, discarded cardboard boxes and empty beer bottles.  To me it seemed liked a definite mans house with not a touch of a woman at all. 

This was a fabulous, patriotic porch, with pretty wicker furniture but they needed to keep something in with their extra gate.  It could be a child or a pet. 

I chose this for the shadows, the flag and the built in bench.  The broken pumpkins were to feed the squirrels.  I saw many eating from pumpkins like these along the streets.  For being a small porch it had a lot of personality right down to its seasonal wreath on the door. 

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