Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wow, June 3rd already

It's been a lively few weeks since I posted.  We have been to Detroit, Kentucky, Memorial Day Party at my sisters.  The weather has been great, we have been swimming in our pool.  Just want to share with you my newest coffee mug from the Polish Art Center in Hamtramck. Just a lovely piece to start my day off with. 

I really, really love my one morning cup of coffee. 

This piece I picked up from Pewabic Pottery in Detroit.  It is made after a Charley Harper painting.  If you look real close there is a cardinal amongst the leaves. 

It is put on my bedroom wall with my other interesting cardinals.

I fell in love with these little bowls at Target.  They were $2.99 a piece and there were 8.  They are all different except I have a repeat one on the far left.  I just loved the designs.  The other 4 we use for our fruit and such after dinner. 

Sorry I have been gone so long, I was enjoying my summer. 

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