Monday, May 19, 2014

Day one continued

Here is the simmering pot of vegetable soup that I put together this morning.  I wanted to have something for dinner that I didn't  have to work at.  It was all ready to go and we ate out on the covered porch with a fire going.  I mixed together some fry bread only we cooked it over the fire and put butter and honey on it. 

It gets rolled into a piece like a snake and wrapped around a stick.  This is Toms masterpiece that is done perfectly.  Click here for the recipe.

The rose bushes got trimmed and they look so nice, much improved!  Tom raked the mulch and I got a lesson on driving the tractor with the trailer on the back.  It's much easier to pick up the trimmings this way. 

The lilac bush is going to bloom any day now and put out the glorious scent.

Planted some herbs in the pots.

The begonias will be planted along the sidewalk.  The rest are going in the planters beside the front door.  I have to get some more dirt this week to finish that job. 

Here is a new measuring cup I found at the container store in Indianapolis.  It is really handy, so much easier to see the measurements.

I highly recommend getting one of these.

I wanted a warmer for dips and found this little Hamilton Beach the other day.  I melted chocolate to dip strawberries.  It works very nicely.  It just warms up and melted the dipping chocolate.  There are no settings, just don't do what I did and leave it on too long.  My chocolate turned into fudge.  Two hours is a good amount of time, don't start warming the dip too soon.  The ceramic comes out to wash easily, though I had to let it soak in water, the chocolate became rock hard and had to be chipped out. 

It was a great day one of my vacation. 
Don't know what day two will bring me but it will be something nice. 


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