Friday, June 6, 2014


When we went to Detroit we stopped at Henry Fords Estate called Fairlane in Dearborn.  If you remember the Ford Fairlane vehicle it was named after the estate.  There were rows of fragrant lilacs lining the sidewalk.  It was a site to behold and smell.

These vibrant poppies are along the road down from my sisters home.  So beautiful....
Here is a mound of catmint in the front of my house along with my rain gauge. The bees and the hummingbirds like this.  It grows so well and I will cut it back when the flowers stop and and then it will bloom again. 

One of my hostas doing well in the shade.

One of our taller bushes that look very willowy, the name escapes me right now. 

This is last years Easter Lily.  It has now doubled.

A new perennial poppy that I bought in a pair.  The flowers come out in different shades.  Once it matures it should be really neat. 

The color of this flower is so pretty.  It is in the garden behind the garage. 

I planted this clematis last year and was surprised when it made it through our harsh winter.  This is the first bloom from it.  I wonder if they will always be small or as it matures if they will grow bigger.  That color will be really stunning when it climbs up the trellis and blooms. 


Salvia blooming well.

Lots of weeds have popped up, especially those rotten thistles.  That's one thing on my list this weekend. 

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for stopping by. 

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