Wednesday, June 4, 2014


  I have been really lucky to have gotten to see so many plays recently.
Our niece Allie was in this play in April.  She played Pepper, a nasty and loud Orphan who was in a bad mood most of the time.  She did an excellent job because she is not like this regularly.  She was made for the stage, she loves acting.  Everyone who was in the play were great, they had to sing and dance and change scenes, it was a lot to do for elementary and middle school students.  We were totally impressed. 

I finished this book last week.  It was recommended by my friend Theresa.  I mentioned it to my sister and niece and they both had read it last year.  I must be one of the few on earth who had not heard of it before. 
This book was told in the voice of Jack, a five year old.  He and his mother live in an 11 by 11 foot shed that was made soundproof by their captor.  The only contact they have with the outside world is a sunlight from the ceiling, the television and the air that comes in when "Old Nick" comes through the door. 
When his mother was 19 she was a college student and "Old Nick" kidnapped her and took her to this room.  She was there for 7 years and he would come and visit to have sex with her.  She got pregnant and Jack was born.  She made Jack sleep in the wardrobe so when the Captor would come he would not have much contact with Jack. 
Jack is a very curious and smart little guy and Mom did everything she could with the limited supplies that were offered to get Jack to learn, and exercise.  She couldn't teach him about the outside world, he could grasp what was real or not. 
They eventually put together a plan to get away and it worked. 
The rest of the story is about how Jack and his Mother are leaning about the outside world and how they cope with it.  It was amazing to figure out how close the shed was to other houses and that no one knew what was going on at the neighbors
What is sad about this story is that this kind of thing does happen in America and all over. 
I recommend this book greatly, it was a good read.

My Sister Linda and I went see this in early May.  It was a fabulous play.  The three women who played the Andrews sisters had to sing so much.  It was just one song after another and talking also.  We learned things we didn't know and were so glad we got to go to it.  The party didn't end with the play, we went out to eat and then had a DeBrand chocolate turtle sundae. 
Life Is Good!
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