Thursday, March 20, 2014


This was a couple of weeks ago on a sunny day.  I was playing with setting on my camera and the cats turned out very dark.  One of their very favorite spots to be and they all gather when I am in here.

The birds might have just started coming back and they were fluttering around in the gutters and the cats were intensely watching them. 

This last weekend the birds were really active and Sophie couldn't keep her eyes off them. 
I had to get my Sophie fix this morning because yesterday she went to the doctors office to get spayed and her front declawed.  It was a tough morning for all of us.  She didn't get to eat, while everyone else was.  I had to keep her in her carrier because she opens the doors on her own and would go out and eat.  We have lever handles and she jumps up once to start it and then jumps again and hangs on till it opens.  I am waiting for her to do a backflip at the end with a Ta Daaaa! It is funny to watch. 
When we got in the car to go, I had put her carrier on the floor and then she started meowing a very scared cry so I brought her up on the seat and petted her head and that was fine.  Mornings without Sophie is like a day without sunshine.  She is bright eyed and happy all the time.  She busts her way through to the front of the line and rubs on all the cats saying "good morning-good morning".  We have to feed her first because she hasn't learned the art of patience. Yesterday she was doing fine but we didn't realize she would have to stay two days because she had the declawing.  We love that little cat with the drooping bottom lip, she is something else.   

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