Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ah the possibilities

I could not resist these.  They are an inexpensive grade of Gouache tubes.  The beautiful colors, the possibilities...I just get joy looking at the colors.  Just like I have been planning what I need to plant in the landscaping.  It's time to get those ordered.  I did some seeds last year and it didn't work out so well, but they may come back bigger and better than ever from this winter or they may be deader than disco. 
I plan to plant creeping phlox in the cracks of our retaining wall at the pool.
Daylilies around the pool.
Lupines behind the garage in the landscaping.
Ornamental grass around the pool, it's tall and gives some privacy.
Ideas for pot plantings that will go on the retaining wall, because the rocks are big and flat. 

24 wonderful tubes. 

This book is why I love Lupines.  She wanted to spread beauty and the way she did it was to sow lupine seeds wherever she traveled to.  Her uncle told her to always leave a place better than you found it.  Good words to live by.  It is a beautifully illustrated book.

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