Sunday, February 9, 2014

Another 4 inches!

I don't think I ever shared this picture.  This is our brick walk by the pool.  We will have a black metal fence going all around the pool.  It's on order but the weather hasn't cooperated.  It seems like right after we ordered it the snow started.  I love this walk, it is so handy to get to the bathroom after we use the hot tub.

This is the retaining wall that we needed to put up because there is a hill on this corner of the pool.  I am dreaming of spring where I plan to pack some dirt in between the rocks and plant some creeping phlox.  That should soften up the hard look and have green and flowers hanging down..

We haven't been out in the yard since Thanksgiving, hopefully they haven't shifted.  I plan to plant flowers in big pots and put them on top of the flat rocks.  It will be pretty. 

Today I found all five cats, in five different places, sleeping at the same time.  What a life they have.  Stonewall on the couch in the great room.

Sophie under the dining room table.

Sebastian on our bed.

Smoke in the sunroom.

Lily in the master bath on the chair. The winter must be getting them down too.  Trying to sleep it away.

4 inches of brand new fluffy snow fell yesterday and today.  Juuuuusssstt wonderful...NOT.

Tom and Kevin took care of the snow duties, and the sun was out and it was beautiful yet cold this moning.  I am just showing the hot tub in this picture, picture it now with little ice cycles hanging off of it with a lot of snow around it. 
We got in the tub at 103 degrees, the wind picked up, it started snowing again.  Our 103 dropped to 100 degrees in 15 minutes.  It was time to get out and close everything up. That's it for today. 

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