Wednesday, February 5, 2014

cleaning the loo

I get a lot of unnecessary help when cleaning the cats bathrooms.
Lily doing a once over to see if it is all up to par.

Sophie inspecting the unopened box and has pulled out the plastic through the opening.  She has spied Lily inspecting the clean box.

You can see her thoughts turning...what's going on up there, I need to be there too!

Now they are both inspecting.  Of course it's more interesting when it is not in the usual spot.  "Shouldn't this be down on the floor"?

Well it must have passed inspection...Now "what else do you need from us"?

"Oh, you're throwing this out"  Better make sure I left nothing behind."

"Uh, maybe it's none of my business, but you forgot something."

"I really didn't like those bowls on the counter and I wanted to eat out of the bottom one, so I just knocked them off to get to it....I'm sure you don't mind....Right?"
"Here, let me spread this out for you, I do such a good job!"  The cat litter flys out the back .

Thanks for the help you two!

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