Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Organized Studio Tour

This is my friend Theresa's very well organized studio.

Punches that are neatly placed.

Magnetic white board holding die cuts and tins with brads..the tins can be found at IKEA.

Stacking organizers with various items.

More die cuts neatly labeled.

Rolling drawers that are holding stamps and ribbons, embossing powders and glitter. 

Two desk areas with stacking organizers that are holding paper and various other items. 

My area to sit at with a light and waste basket. When we ladies get together for our stamping sessions we always choose the same spot no matter who gets there first...it's like church you always sit in the same area. 

A sturdy folding table is set up for our other two gal friends.  This is lovely Michelle, she is our fast stamper.  She has probably whipped out two or three cards by this time. 

Its  just a beautiful, well organized area that is a site to behold.

Every good studio has a television. Another small folding table that is brought in for our snacks is over in the corner. 

Sharing Theresa's cards that she made this day. The hearts are embossed with white.

Love the hearts floating out of the envelope.

Embossed silver heart inside the cut out heart.

A pretty thank you. Her little raised flower is adorable. 

A clever use of patterned paper

It's simple yet elegant.

A pretty boy baby card. 

I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I did.

I also want to tell you what a treat it always is to eat at Theresa's house.  She is a wonderful cook and you never go away hungry!
Thanks for stopping by so I could share it with you. 

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