Monday, July 1, 2013

Port Huron Michigan

The first leg of our trip brings us to Port Huron Michigan. This is where we will be crossing into Canada. I liked the big USA and the American Flag.

Here are just some pretty flowers planted at our hotel.  I am not sure what they are though.

This is unique, a large checker or chess board. The pieces can be picked up to actually play.
My chicken walnut salad with candied walnuts.  We ate on the deck along the Black River in Port Huron.  The restaurant was the Quay Street Brewing Company.  The Black River runs into the St. Clair River. 

They had a trellis with this wisteria growing all over it.  Oh how I would have loved to see it blooming!

The Black River, the draw bridge and the pretty sun shining.

The blue St. Clair river. It was very breezy and people had makeshift holders for fishing. There were bells on the end of the poles so they knew when there was fish on the line.

This person even brought their hunting blind to stay out of the wind.  See his feet?

Quite a few people were wetting their lines.

So glad you checked in with me.

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